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Introducing “The Best Little Gym in Ashland”, no waiting in lines, no distractions and direct one on one personalized attention from experienced personal trainers who keep you focused while achieving your goals faster with less hassle. Ashland Fitness Studio is located in the heart of downtown at 38 Water Street, right across the street from the Blue Giraffe Spa. In today’s interview we will speak with Ashland Fitness Studio owner Kit Crumb.

Kit, has 30+ years experience in personal fitness training including over 10 years as a physical therapist. He has coached hundreds of athletes and non-athletes in sport-specific conditioning and works with clients in regaining strength after injury as well as fitness training for people of all ages. He specializes in optimal functional fitness.
Kit has also been a Kenpo Karate instructor for over 40 years and has a passion for teaching students how to defend themselves in a variety of situations. In his free time Kit combines his enthusiasm for exploring the Northwest on his motorcycle with writing adventure fiction.
Kit, thanks for joining us today. Let’s jump right into today’s training secession. You have been involved with physical fitness on some level for over forty years. You have worked with thousands of clients and played an active role in helping to inspire people to take charge of their fitness. What inspires you to do this?

As a physical therapist, I saw many people who were motivated to get in shape, but didn’t know how. They were either using ineffective methods or extreme methods resulting in setbacks that caused them to become inactive again. I knew that a program designed to fit their personal situation, would lead them out of inactivity into sustainable, long-term fitness.
Personalized one-on-one attention is a key reason why people come to work with you at Ashland Fitness Studio. Why did you decide to set your gym up this way?
I have both worked out and worked within a variety of gyms – they typically are set up for a specific group of people and are not optimal for clients with preexisting medical conditions, or people of certain age. Often the trainers are young and don’t relate well with the specific needs of an aging client. One-on-one training allows focus on an individual’s unique condition.
People come to work with you for different reasons. What are some of the most common motives and goals?
Some of the most common are:
  • motivation to continue a regular workout program
  • help in recovering from injury or post surgery
  • regaining strength, increasing stamina, and improving balance
  • developing muscle definition
  • a progressive workout program
  • sports-related workouts
  • and of course, losing weight
Our private studio setting is one of the main reasons  — most of my clients don’t want to work out in a public gym because that involves waiting for equipment and dealing with the distractions of other people. They want to do an intense workout on a regular 2 or 3 day schedule and then get on with their day.
With the new year fast approaching I imagine that many people will feel motivated to look towards starting new routines. Do you have any tips for someone beginning a new physical fitness routine?
Consistency is the key to success. Begin a simple routine that you’ll  enjoy and be able maintain throughout the coming year  — then add to it. Start gradually, and increase in intensity as you become stronger. Don’t set yourself up for failure by starting an aggressive routine that you won’t want to maintain long term. Instead, make building the HABIT of your routine a priority and build on each success.
What happens when we start to waiver… any tips on how to recover and stay on track?
It’s important to keep in mind that every day there’ll   be external distractions that will effect your workout such as not enough sleep, poor diet, stress, appointment, needs of children and unexpected events that will effect or completely derail your workout for that day.  Keep your eye on your goal, and make your workout your priority, don’t berate yourself when you miss, and jump back into your routine. Consistency again.
Most of your clients have been with you for many years. Why is this?
Personal training is more than counting repetitions and increasing resistance. It is gauging each workout to fit an individual’s needs on that day. I greet each client with the question “ How are you?” And I’m serious, I want to know how they are, because their answer will determine that day’s routine.
Wow… Kit you’re a popular guy, what is it about you that keeps your clients coming back?
My focus is on my client – I attempt to develop a rapport with each person and their personality that allows us to work around the events and distractions in their lives.  I’m a sounding board for their questions about diet and fitness and I work individually with each person on their goals and issues.
Kit, you have a background as a physical therapist how do you implement this skill set in the services you offer?
As a physical therapist I was trained to evaluate a person’s physical presentation to determine their imbalances, weaknesses and strengths. I use this skill in designing workouts for my clients. PT taught me to to respect injuries and personal limitations and better develop programs that work with them effectively and sustainably.
Staying active has always been a high priority for you. How has this benefited you as you have aged… you just turned 95 right?
Actually Shields, I’m only a baby at 60.  My favorite phrase is “Maybe if you work out, everything else will too”. Exercise has been a common thread in my life. Good health has allowed me to explore and enjoy my world more fully in a physical way — martial arts, running, bicycling, hiking, motorcycling and working on our property. For me the magic bullet for good health has always been exercise.
Can you share a recent success story with us?
Yes, a 69 year old woman who came to me with a list of fitness goals and one of them was restoring her normal height. She’d learned at a recent doctor’s visit that she was an inch shorter. Through a combination of back and core exercises she regained that inch. People shouldn’t just accept that aging means losing height, strength, balance, and stamina. There is plenty of evidence that individuals can improve their physical condition significantly at any age.
In your opinion what are the key qualities to look for when choosing a personal trainer?
Choose a trainer close to your own age with an established training background. There is no substitute for experience. Credentials often don’t involve hands-on training so don’t assume that a certified trainer is an experienced trainer. Ask them about their background, how many people they’ve worked with, if they’ve worked with clients close to your age and condition. Ask them what routine they recommend for you and make sure you feel challenged but comfortable with it. Also important is to feel very comfortable with the trainer’s personality – ideally you’re going to be spending a lot of time together.
On top of being a personal trainer you also offer martial arts classes and Safe Woman Self Defense Course. Can you tell us about this?
I offer Tactical Kenpo, a self defense system based on Chinese Kenpo Karate, I’ve developed over the past 30 years. I also teach classes in beginning yang style Tai Chi and Chi Gung.
But I’m most excited about the Safe Women Self Defense course. Jesse Biesanz, a black belt in Jujutsu, and I have developed a comprehensive course that gives women a system of self defense for all kinds of situations. We cover situational awareness and evaluating dangerous environments before you walk into them; escapes and defenses for almost any attack or hold; we talk about self defense myths – tactics can be personally dangerous; we invite women to bring their “worst fear” scenario and devise a specific defense against it. Classes are twice a week for 6 weeks and women come away with confidence and experience in having used the escapes and defenses against a pretend assailant. They’ll be prepared to defend themselves in most situations. A student can come back and at no cost to participate in the class later if she feels she needs more practice, or just wants a review. Safe Women Self Defense is appropriate for women of any age.
Any last inspirational messages, holiday wishes for our audience?
Yes, make room for an enjoyable exercise routine in your life and make it a priority. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by setbacks – persevere. And remember you can reach a healthy state of physical fitness at any age. Being physically fit is the panacea for good health and it will make your life better in every way.
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