Mels Benefit Yard Sale & upcoming Silent Auction

Follow up and coming Yard Sale!

Hi All…
We’re becoming big enough to call ourselves “the Friends of Mel” group!! :-) lol.
A friend and I have been in conversation about the upcoming benefit yard sale for Mel Canete. We have a date set of Saturday 6/14 8am-2pm at 231 N. Wightman, here in town. If any of you would be willing to donate a few nice items to the sale or donate your time to help set-up, transport, drive left overs to goodwill, etc…any help would be greatly appreciated, and I’ll be happy to coordinate with you so things work fairly smooth.
We have a donation of an ad from Locals Guide to help promote the sale as well as a great, Fabulous donation of a $50 gift certificate from Blue Giraffe Spa that we can either have as a raffle prize or silent auction at the sale as well. If anyone else has the ability to donate a prize or gift certificate to the raffle/silent auction it would be greatly appreciated, and if you can, please let me know right away so I can mention it in the upcoming ads. Before the sale I’ll also purchase an ad in the Tidings/Tribune as well, so we can let everyone know what’s going on!
Even BETTER news!!
I received a wonderful e-mail from Susan Powell (The owner of Pilaf) who is interested in holding a Pancake Breakfast for Mel in June at Pilaf Restaurant! I don’t know about you, but whatever pancakes Pilaf makes…JUST have to be FANTASTIC!  I know, I spent the better part of 3 years sampling their wares on a bi-weekly basis! This is in the bare beginnings of planning, so I’ll be sure to pass on any new info I get to all of you so we can all go down and eat “Pancakes for Mel” on a Sunny Sunday morning in June… (what a tough sacrifice to make, huh!)
Thanks for all your interest and support for Mel over the last several weeks.. Chemo can be a bear! (or another 4 letter word that starts with b) and I know your good wishes and warm thoughts will go far to help her recover strength and determination to make it through this hard, hard road to recovery! She’s also said that the donations made to the account have been a whatever you’ve done! It’s done well!!
Best regards, and thank you oh so very much!
Jody L.

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