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Open seven days a week from 7 am until 9 pm, Milagros is a wonderful, new Mexican restaurant. Conveniently located next to Market of Choice and Giseppi’s Pizza, Milagros is a great choice for students, families, old and young alike. Owners Steve and Susan Mean and their staff serve HUGE burritos, full of meat, (or tofu), rice, beans, cheese and salsa. The tofu, rice, and beans, and even the forty pounds of avocados for the fresh-daily guacamole, are organic. No expenses are spared to bring high quality to this well-designed restaurant.

They braise, simmer, and grill delicious marinated meats on the premises daily, and if you order tacos or burritos, you’ll have ample protein with great flavors! Steve and Susan have hired Michael Rosenfeld, former manager at the Ashland Food Co-op’s deli, to be their general manager.

Milagros means “miracle” and this new venue lives up to its name! Milagros caters to folks who have gluten-free and vegan dietary needs too. You can build your own tacos, either hard or soft shells, filled with your choice of meat or tofu, lettuce, cheese, and five varieties of freshly made salsas. The mildest one is pico de gallo: tomatoes, onions and cilantro, delicately blended. The heartier salsas are also delicious.

Dorothy and Carol Enjoying a Meal

We visited Milagros for dinner on a cold, snowy night. We ordered soups for starters. The chicken tortilla soup is dairy-free, warming and yummy to me. Dorothy ordered the roasted corn chowder with cheese and poblanos, a mild green chili pepper. You can order a bowl of soup and one taco with your choice of fillings for $5.00, a real deal! For students there is a special of two tacos and a large 32 oz. soda drink. Children can order a Quesadilla (13” tortilla with cheese for $4.50, or $6.50 with meat or tofu added; both include a small soda). So there are choices for all ages, and we saw two families enjoying their meal the Tuesday night we came. If you have a large appetite, give the HUGE burrito or burrito bowl a try, either for $7.95. With tacos or burritos you choose marinated pork, shredded beef, chicken, steak, tofu, or veggies. Next in the cafeteria-style line comes the pinto beans or black beans, along with Cilantro Lime Rice or Brown Rice or Grilled Veggies. Then you may add on sour cream, cheese, lettuce, and/or guacamole, (extra 65 cents here).
We didn’t have the appetite to try the burrito with fixings, but the tacos were excellent. I chose three with corn tortillas, different meats in two and tofu in the third, both rice offerings and both bean choices; all were hearty, tender, and tasty. I had one taco left-over for lunch the next day. If you’re still hungry, chips and fresh salsa cost $1.75, or chips and guacamole are $3.95, all made fresh daily on the premises. If you have a small appetite, go for soup and taco as Dorothy did, for $5. Add on any drink from local beers, local wines, bottled kombusha, iced tea, or water and lemon for free. If you want to avoid the line or order ahead, call online at

A popular new addition served 7 till 11 a.m. daily is Huevos Rancheros for $8.95. This includes salsa, beans, eggs in a Rancheros sauce, with cheese optional. Some folks come daily, and some twice or more a week The prices are reasonable, ranging from $5 to the big burritos, burrito bowl, salad, or three tacos for $7.95. You may well have enough for another meal. There is outside seating available when the weather is warm again, and a view of evergreens and the new SOU dorms, not the traffic on Ashland Street. Inside you can sit at tables for four, or the bar seating by a large picture window. I came on a Sunday afternoon, and two students were playing dominos and cards. It’s a casual home-away-from home on a dreary winter’s day.

Before opening this restaurant Susan was a midwife in both Mexico and Ashland, where she moved in 1982. She opened Gourmet Coffee Cellar in 1989, selling it to a friend in 1992. As She and Steve considered a restaurant, they did an objective market analysis, both wanting a fast casual Baja-type Mexican restaurant where everything is fresh and affordable. In line with this intention, there is no microwave or even a freezer, but a walk-in cooler where they keep all perishable ingredients, including 3-5 cases of fresh tomatoes for the homemade salsas. They also prepare 40-50 pounds of fresh guacamole each day, often organic when possible. I asked Steve about leftovers, and he said there are none. They buy locally whenever possible, all paper products are recyclable, and the staff gets meals at 50% off. They feel blessed with an extraordinary staff. We found the staff very friendly, knowledgeable, and glad to answer any questions. The staff enjoys having their meals here, too! This unique addition to the Ashland restaurant scene is located at 1465 Siskiyou Boulevard, in the shopping center with Market of Choice.

If you “like” Milagros Fresh Mexican on Facebook, you will be part of random give-aways for a free meal. The décor is relaxing, the lighting well-placed on high ceilings, and large portrait photos by Andrea Shipero, a local photographer, give you a taste of old Mexico. Steve used all local sub-contractors and tradesmen as he built the restaurant; attention to details and traffic flow are evidence of his careful planning. Here you will experience real customer service and great food at reasonable prices!

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