Movie Review, or: The Importance of Timely Grief

I was so excited that Molly Shannon finally had a leading role in a film that I probably would have seen “Year of The Dog” if it had consisted of her interpreting the Zodiac of a Chinese restaurant placemat. Luckily, this film was much more, er, thematically complex than that. (And also luckily, it still showcased her amazing ability to scowl with palpable loathing.)

The plot itself, however, is quite simple: woman’s beloved pet dies, friends and family fail to grasp the depths of her grief from which she is distracted by a crush and cuts her grieving process short, becomes obsessed by her new ‘quest’ to better the world and has a mental breakdown, and – phew! – turns it all around by following her heart!

Its quirky roster of characters (and the great portrayals of them by the entire cast) and the ever-important reminder that life is fullest when you love yourself and spend your time doing something that you love doing made this film worth seeing in the theater.

If they would just show “Superstar” as a double-feature with this film, my summer would be made! Now “go drink a bottle of yourself” – it’s hot out there!

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