Music Review – Sage Meadows – Jefferson State Pub – 02.24.07

Somewhere between Patsy Kline and Jess Klein lives the hypnotizing voice of Sage Meadows. With a honky-tonk, blue grass-inspired sound that is all her own, Meadows delivered a consistent and audibly pleasing sound. Peppering a highly cover-focused set with original tunes, she managed to keep the audience entranced–which, depending on who you talked to–can be a good or a bad thing. We sat down on Friday night to take in her performance at The Jefferson State Pub. I can easily say that if you enjoy the first song of her set, you will enjoy the last song (and every song in between). While vocally she presented poise, experience and comfortable consistency throughout the show, non-verbally she sent mixed signals to the crowd. Additionally, while she co-mingled some of her original tunes with the likes of Johnny Cash and other genre benders, she left me wanting more….More what? More diversity maybe. Maybe more power? It is hard to put my finger on it because it was a satisfying, solid performance. If you are looking to go to see a very talented singer/songwriter who will put you into a relaxing trance, Meadows is your gal. If you are looking for a more diverse, energetic show, you’d probably be better off down the street.

Friday she played with a band consisting of her husband on guitar and a great stand-up bass player. If I were to provide any other insights, it would be to let him (the bass player) cut loose just a little more. He was a delight.

Overall, Sage Meadows comes highly recommended…just know what you are getting into you. If you are looking to go out and relax on a Friday night, don’t miss the show. You’ll love it. Check her out at:

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