New You in this New Year

At the end of this year, will you be one year closer or one year farther away to your desired fitness level?

Most people can list off three small daily choices that if they started today, would yield big changes towards being healthier and fitter in a short period of time. What are your small, big three? What do you think would happen if you did those three for three weeks? It is said that it takes 21 days to make a habit. Once those three changes are a habit, you’ll feel healthier, energized and able to tackle another three. The effects begin to snowball very quickly.  

This is where our office can really shine. As you strive to stick to your fitness goals, we can keep you moving your best through optimal biomechanics and help ensure any injuries are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Research is continually developing and changing and some fitness regimens are outdated. With many patients we see, their “go-to” exercise or stretch is actually aggravating their symptoms and preventing their release from their chronic pain patterns. Without removing that stressful movement and replacing it with a more helpful alternative, many will continue to be stuck in their patterns which sabotage New Year’s resolutions.

Involve your loved ones in your goals – especially if you have children in your life. As a mom of three, I know how challenging making changes for yourself can be. The unfortunate reality is that we best teach our little ones good habits by following our own advice and taking care of ourselves in the same way. Even investing a few minutes of improving strength and flexibility during your daily routine is better than nothing at all. I have been personally amazed at the difference in how I feel when I incorporate the recommendations we frequently make to patients – many of which only take a few minutes every day.

Good luck on your small, big three! If you see me around town, ask me how I’m doing on mine.

The doctors and staff at Southern Oregon Sports and Spine specialize in low force chiropractic, rehabilitation, and massage. Each of us has different special interests and training. I have completed post-graduate certification in Pregnancy and Pediatrics through Logan University and love working with moms, kids, and babies. I am also certified in the Webster technique, which is a method of improving neuro-biomechanical function and balance in the pelvis for an optimal pregnancy and labor. I have also been Advanced Certified in the Activator Technique, for those of you looking for a local practitioner.

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