Oneness Meditation Blessing Comes to Ashland June 1st & 2nd

Oneness in Ashland is pleased to be hosting the phenomenal ONENESS MEDITATION BLESSING taking place in the Grand Ballroom at the Ashland Springs Hotel.

Friday June 1
6:30pm 8:00pm 9:15pm
Saturday June 2
4:00pm 5:30pm 6:45pm

The Oneness Meditation Blessing is a rare and powerful transmission of divine energy for the purpose of quieting the mind, awakening spiritual energy, raising the kundalini, and accelerating awakening.

It is a FREE inter-faith community event. There are no teachings, beliefs or philosophies required or taught during the gathering. In fact, no words are spoken at all during the transmission.

The Oneness Meditation will be preceded by a process for clearing and balancing the chakras to prepare us for receiving the blessing, followed by a 15 minute open eye transmission of divine energy.

Only 5 people in North America are initiated to give this blessing. We are very fortunate to welcome Bernie Koftinoff from Canada, to our community to offer this benediction of divine grace.

Seating is limited and online registration is required. Everyone over the age of 12 is welcome.
You may register for all 3 events at one time. For the best results, it has been recommended that you receive 4-7 OM’s. Admission is free to all. We are requesting donations at the door to cover hard costs.
Tickets and Registration for Event:

To view a video invitation to Oneness Meditation:

Please register at your early convenience for this most extraordinary opportunity. Please share this message with your friends in Ashland or other Oregon communities, or people traveling through Ashland during this time. A flyer below is provided to send to your friends and family along with your recommendation.

Testimonials of current participants:
“Peter at the the Eugene OM flowed and flowed. And I glowed and glowed, and still glowing. In Love and Light Deb, Ashland”

“Bernie exudes great love during her meditation and expresses her emotions (tears and laughter) as only a woman seems able to do. Bernie is transmitting the divine feminine which is so needed in our world right now. Lesley, Canada”

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