Organic Farming Leads to Year-Round Local Eating

Organic Farming Leads to Year-Round Local Eating for Rogue Valley Families


The Rogue Valley is home to an abundance of farmers, but few farmers extend their season into the colder months to provide local food to families in the Rogue Valley. As Americans demand more and better access to local, seasonal, healthy food options, the sustainable agriculture movement delivers with increasing numbers of small-scale, family-run, organic operations like Barking Moon Farm that specialize in winter production of vegetables and grains. Barking Moon Farm, a diversified organic farm, located in Applegate, provides over 2,500 pounds of food to Rogue Valley residents every two weeks between December and February through a winter subscription program.

Since 2009, Barking Moon Farm has been running their winter subscription program, which specializes in certified organic roots, greens, storage crops and grains for 100 families located throughout the Rogue Valley including Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass and Jacksonville. Committed to sustainable agriculture principles, Barking Moon Farm is a certified organic farm using no pesticides or herbicides on their crops and employing land management techniques that partner with the landscape and aim to improve the quality of the soil with efficient use of resources. During the main season, Barking Moon Farm produce can be found at Rogue Valley farmers’ markets, grocery stores and select restaurants.

“At Barking Moon Farm, my family and I are committed to raising food that positively adds to the health of our region and protects our rural landscape for future generations,” explains Josh Cohen, co-owner of Barking Moon Farm along with his wife, Melissa Matthewson “By providing healthy and fresh food options for the Rogue Valley, we see our farm as more than just a job for us. Farming reflects our passion for leaving this world a better place. By supporting our farm’s subscription program, residents support the health of the local economy, making the Rogue Valley a more sustainable place to call home.”

There is still space in the farm’s winter subscription service. Area residents can join Barking Moon Farm’s program via their website at There is a range of vegetables and grains included in the bi-weekly delivery: greens, root vegetables, winter squash, potatoes, alliums, specialty vegetables and grains like dry beans, flour corn and popcorn. The program costs $300 and families can expect a box of $50 worth of vegetables delivered to a convenient pick-up spot around the Rogue Valley. The first delivery is Thursday, December 6th.

“The Barking Moon Farm winter CSA program is our speciality as it allows us to provide fresh vegetables to families during a time when there are not many farms producing, allowing people to continue buying local after the farmers’ markets have ended. We can share our farm’s abundance and commitment to organic agriculture with the local community in this way,” adds Melissa Matthewson. “The winter CSA program also allows us to diversify our income during a time that can be difficult for farmers to maintain an even income source. Besides just the vegetables, we invite our CSA members out in February for a winter brunch and farm tour so that we can all get to know each other, building community around food.”

For more information on Barking Moon Farm and a registration form for the winter subscription, see or call Josh Cohen and Melissa Matthewson at 541-973-6914.

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