Renée Miereanu Announces Oregon State Certified Psilocybin Facilitator Licensure

Master Neuro-Linguistics/Hypnotherapist now includes herself as a Chaperon for Magic Mushroom Preparation Sessions, Journey and Integration Sessions to her Private Practice along with Satya Therapeutics Service Center in Ashland, Oregon.

August 23, 2023 12PM Pacific Standard Time

The Rogue Valley/Ashland, Oregon – Renée Miereanu, announced formally, and with delight, she has honorably graduated an extensive training at and has succeeded to be inscribed with her Oregon State Certification as a Psilocybin Facilitator. She is a leading and well-known specialist of Neuro-Linguistics/Hypnotherapy in the areas of nicotine cessation, weight control, depression, end of life, addiction specialist, Senior issues before and after retirement especially for seniors entitled “What’s Next”, and much more.

Miereanu has undergone rigorous education with par excellent training with, the first certified school in the nation, along with her 30-plus years of experience as a coach, mentor and illuminator, her qualifications are intricate and inspirational. She will be working with Oregon State Certified service center Satya Therapeutics, and other State Certified Service Centers that will be opening in the Rogue Valley as they become formally approved by the State.

To know more about psilocybin and the human mind watch Michael Pollen’s How To Change Your Mind on Netflix and youtube interviews:

Ms. Miereanu explains there is a vetting process to begin an on-line application and determine a prospective client’s compatibility with a psilocybin journey. If qualified, within completion of the Preparation, Journey and Integration, clients will be offered on-going sliding scale sessions that will enable Miereanu to deepen her specialized expertise that provides supportive follow up sessions.  Renee, of course also continues in Ashland, Oregon in her private practice Breathe Counseling Center with Neuro-Linguistics/Hypnotherapy.

It is amazing and significant to recognize that Oregon is the very first State in the US to offer this unique form of illuminating journeys. Measure 109 was voted on and passed in 2020. The creators of the Bill are Tom and Shari Eckert and worked night and days for 10 years to become the very first state in the USA for psilocybin as an inclusion in relief in human suffering. Unfortunately, Shari died suddenly in her sleep of a heart attack two days before the bill was officially passed. There is the Sheri Eckert Foundation that helps with funding for students who cannot fully pay their tuition to the school and also much more to support communities. Various important funded experiments and studies within the past three decades have been done at prestigious universities such has Stanford, Harvard and other honored universities as well as the US Veteran Association working exclusively with Psilocybin for patients who suffer extensively from PTSD and findings of amazing results for many. As we are in integrity and continue to provide journeys; it is beginning to get the attention of people and institutions all over the country who are residents and non-residents of Oregon, as well as from numerous states and countries in the world, these practices may continue to be legally available across the country in due time.

Her colleagues, as hopefully the nation continues to expand across the country, whom are educated and ratified State certified facilitators will benefit from the online and video Breathe training program, coming in the Winter of 2024 as documented psilocybin educators in Nicotine Cessation as an adjunct to their skills in their practices.

Ms. Miereanu added, “There is an innate longing within all Human Beings to go beyond all limitations to perceive Life on a grander scale.”

The Breathe Center call to schedule an inquiry and appointments 541-778-4380

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