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After a prolonged winter many folks are now turning their eyes toward summer vacations and travel. In recent years you may have noticed more and more people getting around on E-bikes, and there is a good reason for it. E-bikes are first and foremost a lot of fun, but they also allow easier access and parking to many of the places we want to visit when we travel.

Whether you’re visiting an ocean side town, one of our great American cities or heading off to see the awe-inspiring views of our majestic national parks, an e-bike can help you get around and see more of the sights.

Let’s take a look at Zion National Park. When you enter the park, you start in a valley of tall cream, pink and red sandstone cliffs. The deeper you travel into the park the walls slowly move in on you, until you eventually arrive at the aptly named Narrows. A must see epic creation from Mother Nature but it hardly leaves room for car parking. During the busy season, you cannot drive your car on the scenic drive to the narrows or most of the other highly visited sights. You must catch a shuttle from the visitor center (if you get there early enough to score parking), or you must ride the shuttle from town. Due to the shuttle schedule you’re limited to when you can enter and leave the park. If you wait too long and miss the shuttle, you could have a 9-mile walk back to your car, but not if you go by e-bike.

With an e-bike you can beat the morning rush and enter the Narrows before it becomes overcrowded with hundreds of visitors. If an epic sunset high up on Angel’s Landing is on your list, then an e-bike allows you to accomplish this without worry of missing the shuttle and having to hoof it several miles back to town.

If you’re traveling to one of our amazing cities, an e-bike can save you money on parking and gas. It will also allow you to see more of the sights than you would see speeding by in a car. A city that seems familiar to you will become anew by e-bike. Do you have a favorite restaurant when you visit Portland? Next time try parking away from it and riding a bike. You might just discover a new bubble tea shop, upscale thrift, or a unique artists gallery.

To help you get ready for summer travel, save a little space and a little more green. During the month of May we will be having a sale on all our folding Tern and Montague e-bikes. Buy 1, get one $800 off. Happy Traveling!

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