Swim, Sleep, Eat

We had decided that today would be the day we hit the beach early…. well we kinda slept in and that turned out to be just fine. It was very over cast but still just perfect for swimming in the ocean.

I think one of the best aspects of swimming for me is that I feel completely relieved of thinking of anything else except swimming.  Eliah and I had purchased a little floaty and for a kid who can´t swim he sure enjoyed floating all around and surfing in on the waves.. that was really amazing to watch.

To be so happy and capable of expressing it is an amazing thing. I forgot to mention yesterday we went to swimming in the Cenotes… These are fresh water lakes in the jungle which have undwater caves. We just did some swimming and snorkling but were still treated to some interesting small fish… oh yeah and an attack of about 200 mosquito bites for myself.

Back to the beach….I could swim all day long, and for days on end. I think I must have been a dolphin in my last life, cause its just a natural fit for me.

If Oregon had warm water beaches it would be by far the best state to live in the country…but even without its still my favorite.

It started to get a bit cooler and that meant, stay in the water… then the  wind picked up around 12:00 and then the rain started to come in.  We packed it up and went over to the Don Cafetos for a little lunch.  After about an hour or so a taxie showed up and then we hopped in it to get back to town.

Once we got back to the house we were really tired… Eliah hasn´t napped in about a year but today he konked right out and we were all treated to a nice 2 hour nap.

Night life here is pretty happening and we strolled the town tonight, having a nice little meal for around $16. Sarah got a shrimp soup, Eliah had a Chicken soup and I had some sort of beef stew. This was probably some of the best food we have had so far.

If you want to hear some really intersting stories, the cab drivers have got tons to tell you… and the interesting thing is you never know until you ask.. ok more details coming soon. – Shields

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