Take Leadership With Your Marketing

Our Community and Your Business Depends On It

The upcoming print deadline is right around the corner and I want to encourage you to:
Take Leadership With Your Marketing. 

The resiliency of our community and your business depends upon it.
In times of uncertainty, it is essential to stay focused on the choices that you have.

Not only do you need to be aware of the choices, but

Even if your business is totally shut down!!!
Stay Focused on the Positive and Take Action… Take Leadership

  • Reply to All Emails
  • Return All Phone Calls
  • Send A Post Card
  • Reach Out And Engage Your Customers… even if it is just to say “Hi”
IMPORTANT – Don’t Wait for your customers to come to you.

Your customers are looking to see how you will show up for them.
They are waiting, watching, and listening to see how you will fulfill.

This Month when you write your business columns and send in your updated advertisements:
Take Leadership With Your Marketing

Send Positive Messages 
***Thinking of You***See You Again Soon***I am Here For You***

Find New Ways To Engage Your Customers
***Share a Joke ***Tell a Story***Host a Free Zoom Webinar***

Write a column or submit a special feature that helps put your customers at ease.

Finally, The LocalsGuide Team and Community is Here For You!
We are mobilized and working together.

Today we are hosting our Second Live Experts Webinar (Invite Below)
My goal is to achieve more than 10,000 views and with your help, we will!!

Watch Us Here at 12 PM Noon Live on Facebook
** Then Sign Up For Your Own Webinars **

Last but not least, If you need help or Ideas – EMAIL  US


April 18th.

************  TODAY **********

**** Southern Oregon Real Estate Hour ****
Apr 16, 2020 12:00 PM

An informative and interesting conversation with local Real Estate Experts from the LocalsGuide community. Current stats, trends and what you need to be paying attention to if you are currently trying to buy or sell your home here in Southern Oregon.

Special Guests Include:

Patie Millen Group
DeAnna Sickler & Dyan Lane
Kristen McKeen & Dave Heckley

Watch Local Experts Live – HERE
Have A Great Day!
Team LocalsGuide
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