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Not like I’m running out of ideas for monthly articles, but I thought a new twist to my space here might be kinda cool. I would like to field questions from readers, and answer the ones most pertinent to timely issues regarding our local trees. I will answer all the questions personally of course, but will print the questions and my answers in the following issue that I think will benefit the readership the most.

Please don’t send photos of a particular tree unless it is a close up of a particular injury, malady, or condition that clearly shows your concerns.

Diagnosis or identification of a specific pathogen without being able to actually inspect the tree or the tree’s problem would be difficult if not impossible to provide. Your mechanic couldn’t possibly fix your car over the phone, but could narrow down the symptoms and provide plausible options for repair.

Try to frame your questions as general as possible, and for goodness sake, please don’t ask for legal advice, it’s not my gig, I’m just a “meat and potatoes” tree guy.

If we keep it to a “Dear Abby” type of forum, I think it might be fun.

Technology and the way we deal with tree issues are constantly evolving and it seems like staying on top of the latest treatments that change so often can be confusing, but I will give advice that I have had personal success with over the years.

Please send any questions to

Spring and summer are still having a pretty good tug-of-war, but this is one of the best planting season weather wise in recent memory!

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