The Emergence of Socially Created Media – Who are you really?

You have to love the idea that we’re living in one of the most interesting periods in history. A time in which you can instantly and easily communicate with unlimited numbers of people. The ability to envision an idea and bring it to life has never been more accessible to so many individuals. This is what has occurred with LocalsGuide. The idea was born, word sent out, pieces assembled. Photographers, writers, editors, advertisers all pulled together to create this amazing publication. Thereby, creating culture and inviting expression unlike ever before, to be shared with the community at large. And believe me… Ashland is NOT the only place this can happen! This publication is a testament to the new socially created media revolution emerging within our culture. An experience in which millions of individuals around the globe can participate in sharing just what it’s like to be part of this unexplained mystery. In a nutshell, LocalsGuide will be an internet-based website that gathers and creates social media. Everyone who desires can apply for a free account and create their own social media. I define Social Media as your experience of life. What’s it like to be you? Who and what you are? And are becoming? Once you’re a member you can write your own online blog/column, upload photos and vid- eos, create polls, and meet and network with other individuals within Ashland. At the end of each month, we will select the best and most interesting socially created media to put into one giant publication. LocalsGuide Monthly will get mailed out to all residents in Ashland. We want to see that picture you took of the winning touchdown at the Ashland High football game. We want to read or see or hear you recite that poem you wrote sitting along the river. Were you one the hundreds of people with a digital camera downtown at this year’s Halloween parade? We’d love to see them. Enjoy the publication and let the creation begin,

Editor, Shields Bialasik

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Shields Bialasik

Hi, I am Shields. I am the creator or LocalsGuide. The mission or my company is to provide a positive media platform for my community which in turn makes it stronger and more resilient. I hope you will enjoy and feel inspired to start your own LocalsGuide in your town or community.

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