Think Outside The Box

“This tree is too big for this space” is the #1 reason given concerning removal. I usually reply, “Nah, your space is just too small for that tree.” Same thing, you say?

Take a walk through town and notice the number of trees crammed into a parkrow or planting strip like so much corn…

Current municipalities require so many trees to be planted on such and such a “schedule.” Our urban forest resembles a bank parking lot. Throw in the fact that 99% of the urban plantings are non-native species, and then take a gas-powered hedge trimmer to all the understory plants and voila! You get what I call, “the look.”

Limited space can make for a hefty challenge to a designer and planner, as well as an urban forester and arborist.

Making room for large trees where the space is limited is a tough one, BUT… forests do it all the time! Why? Because forests don’t read the rulebook, or didn’t get the memo!

One large oak, lets say 3′ in diameter, 75′ tall, 50-60′ crown spread, provides about the same cooling effect, shadow effect, habitat, carbon offset, property value, and just plain old beauty as 15-20 Raywood ash “lollipops” planted on fifteen foot centers.

My idea? Give up a parking spot! WHAT? Give up a parking spot? Are you CRAZY? I mean (gasp), you want me to walk a whole half a block for some stupid old tree? Tell you what, I promise to NEVER park downtown, thereby effectively relinquishing my need for a 10-foot-by-10-foot space that can finally be used by a majestic oak, pine, spruce, fir, elm or whatever tree we can agree on (besides a Raywood ash, or red maple :)

Problem solved, and we can go on to more pressing matters, like deer…

To think outside the box will take courage, and jumping the comfort zone ship will be tough for many, but alas, I will be there for you. Hell, I’ll even bust up the asphalt and concrete and plant the tree!

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