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Artisanal foods are near and dear to our hearts here in the Rogue Valley. If it’s locally grown, organic, small batch produced, fair trade, vegan, gluten free, thoughtful… whatever the label might be, we love it.

Locally produced foods abound here in the Rogue Valley, keeping us unique and creative in our day-to-day enjoyment of food & beverage, and that is why we have an entire section of our new online Southern Oregon Directory dedicated to this topic.

In today’s interview I spoke with Tom Reilly, local spokesperson for The Harvest Cracker. What is a Harvest Cracker you might ask? Read on and discover.

Tom, thanks so much for doing the interview with me and congratulations on entering your second year of producing The Harvest Cracker.

Thanks Shields, I appreciate this opportunity to talk with you.

Tom, to begin with, what is The Harvest Cracker?

The Harvest Cracker is essentially a fresh vegetable and seed cracker.

Was this something you invented, or how did you come up with it?

My business partner came up with it and I said I’ll sell them if he makes them.

Tom, please tell us about the creation of The Harvest Cracker.

Well, they’re made in small batches with organic ingredients. Then they are dehydrated, resulting in a uniquely delicious and nutritious savory cracker. They’re also naturally gluten free and vegan. I’ve included a photo of our nutrition label for a complete list of ingredients and nutritional breakdown.

So where can we buy The Harvest Cracker?

We are currently at the Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market on Tuesdays in Ashland (at the Armory on East Main), and in Medford on Thursdays (at Hawthorn Park). Both markets run from 8:30-1:30. We can also be found in these local stores: Ashland – Ashland Food Co-op, Shop ‘n Kart, Ace Hardware. Medford – Medford Food Co-op, Cartwright’s Market. Central Point – Rusted Gate Farm Stand.

You also have a shop where locals can come to visit you and buy crackers directly?

We do, at 72 N Pioneer St. in Ashland. Although, we are just doing a pop-up store right now as production allows. If our sandwich board is out, we’re open!

Do you guys also have online ordering?

Yes, our 8 packs are available on our online store at

Tom, congratulations once again for the great work you have done.

Thanks so much Shields!

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