What is Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)?

NSA was first developed in the early 80?s by Dr. Donald Epstein. Like all of Chiropractic, NSA focuses on the nervous system, which is your brain, spinal cord and all the nerves that control all functions in the body and determine how you perceive reality.

When the body experiences a physical, emotional, or chemical stress that it cannot handle, it is shunted to the organs and tissues and stored as trauma. The body then takes on a DEFENSE POSTURE, and physical degeneration, poor adaptation to stress, poor lifestyle choices and decrease in overall wellness and life enjoyment occur. Life is then perceived as a survival issue rather than an opportunity for growth and evolution.  It is at this point that the body gives us messages through pain and symptoms to tell us that we need to pay attention and do something different in our lives.

In NSA, we make gentle contacts applied at SPINAL GATEWAYS, associated with the brain/body shifting from defense posture to that of ease and expansion, resulting in better ability to make constructive choices for one’s body, emotions and life.

In NSA, we look for BREATH and MOVEMENT to determine how well the body is responding.  These both happen organically as WAVES through the body and when they occur, health and wellness exponentially increase. The RESPIRATORY WAVE is the first wave to develop in your body and occurs when the breath is fully present in all parts of your spine.  It helps you connect more fully with your body and releases current or surface stress.

The second type of wave is the SOMATOPSYCHIC WAVE, and is an undulation of the entire spine and/or oscillation and connection of two spinal gateways, in a figure 8 type of motion.  It is a highly evolved response by the nervous system, and helps bring up trauma from deep places, transforming it into energy to be used by the body to heal. The somatopsychic wave serves to ‘destabilize the armor’ between different parts of yourself, helping to retrieve those parts that have been traumatized, alienated, abused or unaccepted.

Later in care the somatopsychic wave moves from the spine into the heart, physically and emotionally expanding the chest cavity and breaking down barriers between ourselves and the rest of the world.  We can then be more aligned with our deepest soul’s purpose and be able to fully express the essence of our true selves- peace, gratitude, connection,  joy and love.

“Network Care is unlike any other work I’ve tried in that it has addressed the emotional component as much as the physical.  I can actually feel my nervous system calming down after each session and stored patterns being released.  I am so grateful!”



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