What is Reorganizational Healing Anyways?

Most health care today is restorative, which means that the goal is to restore the person to where they were before the pain, symptom or disease started, by getting rid of the issue, so they can go back to living the same life they were living before. The goal of Reorganizational Healing(ROH) is to help you gain the wisdom from your pain, symptom or disease which you can then use to grow and expand into living an extraordinary life. At Soulwave Chiropractic Studio, we give you concrete tools to explore and use the meaning of your symptoms and life stressors as catalysts to create a more fulfilling life and potent state of wellbeing. ROH consists of 6 parts, all of which play a significant role in the amazing results that people experience on and off of the table.

1. Network Spinal Analysis: NSA is an evidence based approach to wellness and body awareness. Gentle, precise touch to the spine cues the brain to produce waves that undulate through the spine promoting flexibility, ease and improved nervous system functioning. The body learns an advanced language through 3 Levels of Care, through which you learn new strategies for optimal health and wellness.
2. SomatoRespiratory Integration: SRI is a set of 12 exercises designed to give you easy, hands-on tools to become instantly present, strong and whole in your life and body. There is an untapped resource of life energy within us and SRI has proven tools to resource that energy.
3. Seasons of Well-being: Like the weather, we all must move through seasons in our lives to be the fullest expressions of ourselves. In ROH we give you tools to fully be with and liberate the life energy of each season for maximum quality of life.
4. Energetic Intelligences: There is extensive scientific research that supports the existence of energy within and around the human body. Through ROH you learn how to access a wider range of energetic intelligence so that you can move from just surviving to creating and living a life that you love.
5. Rays of Focus: There are 5 Rays, or patterns, that we work with in the body. When there is not enough energy in the system we experience the wounds of our past. Through ROH we help transform the wound into the gift, so that you can experience the medicine of past events and move forward into the future in a new way.
6. Triad of Change: A dynamic model that helps you understand how “you do you”. We teach you how to assemble your perceptions, behaviors, and structures to move from Pain to Progress.

Our goal is for you to be living a life of passion and freedom…. one in which you have resources and tools that help you acknowledge where you are and then choose where you know you must be. The pain or symptom is just what gets you through the door so you and your life can change in ways you had no idea were possible! Call today for a FREE 30 minute consultation! 541-701-9174

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