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Dr. Erin Pollinger at Soulwave Chiropractic is a gifted healing facilitator. I highly recommend her and the services she offers to anyone on their own healing journey. Her kind heart, encouraging words, and gentle adjustments have assisted my body in making deep, lasting changes on all levels. I noticed positive shifts after my very first session. Every time I leave her beautiful, soothing healing space I feel better. My body has been fully supported in releasing old energies I had no idea I was holding onto so tightly. What a joyful relief to feel layers of old pain peeling away so effortlessly. Results occurred more swiftly than I would have thought possible. She truly cares about every person who comes through her door, which is refreshing these days. I look forward to continuing with this powerful work, for each session brings me closer to my whole, healthy self!

Diane Nichols, Ashland, OR

Receiving Network Chiropractic care from Dr. Erin has been pivotal in helping me clear emotional and energetic blocks throughout my awakening/spiritual growth process.  It is truly amazing the way Dr. Erin helps me release and clear old patterns from my system, patterns that I used to think were part of “me.”  What a beautiful, refreshing experience to have old sadness and pain transform into fresh new energy!  In addition to this energetic clearing, Dr. Erin’s Network care has also helped my physical body become more healthy, trim, and all the old pain in my back is now gone.

I am profoundly blessed to have been working with Erin for so many years; having her here in this valley is a true gift to those of us lucky enough to know her.

Liz Churchill, Ashland, OR

In doing Network Chiropractic with Dr. Erin we have a greater sense of ease in our bodies. We’re both able to do things now that in the past would have given us trouble – back problems, etc. The areas of tension in our necks, shoulders, upper and lower back, are gone and we are more supple and aligned. We can’t recommend Dr. Erin enough. She’s a Godsend and an angel. The initial investment of time and money are a great investment toward one’s health and well-being.”

JB & DB, Ashland, OR

I came to see Dr. Erin after I had been seeing my chiropractor for many months for my condition.  I had also tried massage and physical therapy but was still in pain. Today I am pain free 90% of the time and I am so grateful to Dr. Erin for her personable, professional approach.  I would highly recommend NSA to anyone that feels stuck in their journey towards good health and well being.

Jan Brown, Ashland, OR

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