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Your Home Is the Entire Cosmos

As I sit to ponder what I might offer to the community, my dear fire-stricken valley, that could in some small way lend support and emotional well-being in the wake of such challenge and devastation, I breathe and bring my mind to connect to how my physical form manifests as I do so. This settles my ‘monkey’ emotional mind down, quieting and refining my thoughts, bringing mind/body connection to the foreground. There is a book, which I am inspired to share the title of, at this nebulous time when so many have been displaced from their actual roof-over-their-heads homes. Knowing that no ‘idea’ or ‘philosophical presentation’ can produce the physical structure that is undeniably essential as the cooler months of autumn (and even more crucial reality of the COLDER months of winter!) approach, I see that I wish to support with sharing what I can impart from the teachings I have been blessed to study for more than half of my 51 years of life in this current body. This Breema book has been a go-to for me, either in my pondering, or in actual readings, for quite some time now, the title in and of itself supporting me essentially: “Your Home Is The Entire Cosmos” by Jon Schreiber (available for purchase in either book or CD format at, though it is absolutely not in trying to sell you something, that I write this).

Breema is a philosophical and practical approach to self-understanding and to living a more conscious expression of life, with pragmatic tools that can be called upon in any given situation…ANY time, ANY place, really and truly. Many may think of something that involves meditation or physical activity/movement practices as something that one needs a ‘quiet place’ or ‘home space’ to engage with it in, but what I want to say here, as the title I just mentioned suggests, the reality of ACTUALLY EXPERIENCING ‘home’ is accessible, with the basic tools of bringing the mind to know that the body is inhaling and exhaling and that there is a weight of the body on the earth. This is not a lofty state of ‘spiritual activity’ that can only be achieved after being on some retreat or in some hour-long yoga class during the final repose (though these are beautiful examples of other ways to access ‘home’ in the body, certainly). This is ACTUAL REALITY, truly and easily accessed in even simply ONE SINGLE BREATH. With bringing the mind to know the body is breathing, there is a natural quieting of the mind that occurs. It may not last longer than that one breath at first. That’s ok. Having acceptance for the fleeting, busy mind is extremely important. One of the 9 Principles in the instruction of Breema is No Judgment.

This bringing the mind to be with the activity of the physical body (with body breathing or say the weight of my hand as it rests on my lap or the way my feet feel on the ground as I walk), over time, as often as I remember throughout the day, has taught me to experience the body as my actual home. And in this ‘walking meditation’ practice of bringing it to daily activities—any activities—has supported me to be AT HOME in my body, anywhere that I find my body to be. It is from this place of mind/body connectivity that I can respond rather than react to outer events, supporting me to more fully and steadily move into what needs to be accomplished, with a calmer presence, more courage and sensibility. Reacting is a drain energetically and physically on the body and mind. When the mind is WITH the activity of the body, inhaling/exhaling or with the movements as one is say walking through the grocery store or whatever daily doings of life’s necessities, there is a quieter state as the mind is more present rather than flitting between past experiences or future possibilities. This is not to say that having thoughts of past and future are unwanted or unnecessary by any means, but just to recognize that through more moments of body/mind connection throughout the day WHILE I am moving on the timeline of past/present/future, there is more energy for engaging in what is needing to be done in the life.

A practical and energized approach to a steady and connected experience of reality, giving way to less fear, anxiety and depression.

Having gratitude any time I remember to bring the mind to the body also supports me with a more vital experience of this reality in which we are all living, regardless of outer conditions. I am deeply grateful for this community called The Rogue Valley, where my children and I have lived for the past 18 years and am sending out so much love and support to everyone, from my heart to all of yours. Please also know that in my bodywork practice, Infinity Healing Arts, I am offering FREE 30 minute chair or table Shiatsu, or floor Breema bodywork/self-Breema/meditation instruction to anyone who has lost there domicile in the fires, or any volunteers who are helping the displaced people of the Rogue Valley. This will be an on-going offer until further notice, so please contact me via my website:

It is with honor and humility that I am here to serve and be with you.

Sending well-wishing to all,

Karin “Pip” Kiteley, LMT, Certified Shiatsu Practitioner, Certified Breema Practitioner/Instructor

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