A Good Zero Down Govt Loan

Zero Down

Financed Closing Costs

Low Interest Rate 30 Year Fixed Rate

Federal Government Loan

No Prepayment Penalty

No Mortgage Insurance

No Purchase Price Limits

No Loan Limits

No Asset Limitations


All areas of Rogue Valley eligible except metro-Medford


You need to earn less than $73,600 for a family of 1-4

You do not need to be a first time home buyer

Owner occupied only, you must not own any other properties

You must not be able to qualify for a 20% down conventional loan

You need a minimum credit score of 620 (collections may be allowed)

Loan is limited to 100% of the market appraised value (not sales price)

Finance closing costs if purchase price less than the appraised value

Seller allowed to pay all closing costs

Green-card or Social Security# required

No Existing Manufactured Homes


Buy your home without spending any cash




(541) 821-1304

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