Driftwood Organ at the beach

I had a vivid dream last night where some friends and I were hiking down the hillside path to the beach far below. Once on the beach I heard a peculiar haunting music. Soon I came to the source of the sound. It was an organ made of driftwood, odd bits of flotsam and jetsam all recovered from the tides. The power for the organ was supplied by steam generated by a driftwood firebox boiling water that re-circulated the through a Rube Goldberg like plumbing system of dripping open wood troughs. The fire was tended by one person, another person perched on what looked like an old rusted tractor seat playing the few keys, and another person was pushing and pulling sticks that governed who knows what. The organ pipes were odd metal tubes of various sorts leaned up against the cliff rocks. It was a wonder to behold.

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