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Asian Grill: A restaurant review


My Wife Mrs.Valerie and 9 year old daughter Mikayla joined in this review with me at the Asian Grill in Medford Or. Across from Bi-Mart, Off Biddle road and McAndrews.

On a scale of 1 wink to 10 winks I would give this restaurant 8 winks and I will also add that I can be a very critical reviewer so in my book these are high marks and I gave it this rating for the following.

We were greeted by six Chinese watercolors on rice paper as we entered the building; upon approaching the ordering counter Valerie inquired about the Artist the server was very helpful in gathering information and very open and engaging.

The restaurant was not busy for a Saturday evening and seemed a bit dark, however it had a warm feel to it and the music playing was Billie Holiday ‘them there eyes’, All the employees were genuinely happy and cheerful.

I especially liked the open kitchen, “I like seeing ‘WHO’ and in some case ‘WHAT’ is cooking my food. This also made it easy to engage the chef when inquiring about the sauces and ingrediences (my wife wanting specifics to accommodate her diet). We ordered three dishes, the first being the Special  @ $9.95 the ‘Red seafood curry’ consisted of Mahi, Cod, black tiger prawns, w/ sweet red peppers and snow peas & red curry.

This dish came with choices of jasmine or brown rice (a plus because I don’t often find brown rice available as an option) however; I ordered jasmine rice.

Mrs. Valerie had the stir-fry W/ blackbean sauce, onion, mushroom, red pepper, snow peas and eggplant this comes with steam veggies and brown rice, also $9.95.

Mikayla Ordered the chicken teriyaki w/ brown rice & steam veggies @ $8.95 the total cost for all three dishes 28.85. A reasonable cost for our family (a lot less than the movie were about to go see after dinner.)

The service was superb and from the time we ordered to the time it made it to the table was eight minutes ‘now that’s my kind of service’ the food arrived Hot, fast and with a smile and we all liked the dishes we ordered, they were very flavorful,not overbearing.

From mikayla’s perspective she liked the self-serve soda bar ‘because she likes mixing several kinds of pop together for an interesting cocktail.’ She also likes booth seating and for this strong-minded ‘not so easy to please ‘in the food department’ she enjoyed the food, and even some of mine. She also gives it 8 winks, for you young ones reading this.

Except for a stray flying piece, of what appeared to be rice, the other patrons in the restaurant were quiet and pleasant to be around.

‘In summary I would l to say, it was a nice experience, it was kid friendly, and had a low-key atmosphere.’ Thanks Locals Guide.


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