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Q: Why is my internet browsing experience so slow and which browser is the best?

A: Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox have been leading names in internet browsing for years, but they do have their downfalls. These browsers tend to be the most heavily affected by spyware and malware, and tend to accumulate unnecessary add-ons and search bars over time. This means that when you open up your browser to connect to a website, add-ons within the browser are also attempting to connect with other various sites. This slows your overall performance down.

Luckily, there is a new rival to Internet Explorer and Firefox called Google Chrome, which can be downloaded at Google has streamlined the browsing process, eliminating the search bar altogether by creating the “omnibox”, or an address bar that you can also search from. Chrome starts up instantly and is always automatically updated. Most importantly, it is less likely that Chrome will be infected by spyware and viruses, although this is still possible.

If you’re worried about losing your bookmarks from your old browser, Google Chrome makes it easy to import your favorites. All settings are under the primary menu, including your bookmarks and an option to import bookmarks and settings from previous browsers.

If you wish to stick to Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can disable unnecessary add-ons and search bars by going to “Manage Add-ons” within your settings.

Overall, the simplicity and speed of Google Chrome is making it a fast favorite among internet users, and the browser-of-choice by Dr. Networking.

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By Elizabeth Ellsworth


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