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Wild River Brewing & Pizza Co. – REVIEW

My friends and I are always in search of new and different eateries in Medford, and one day, we stumbled upon Wild River Brewing & Pizza Co. Located where the old police station used to be, Wild River caught our attention from the hip new building and large parking lot out front. We decided to […]

Writing fiction

Ever want to write a book, some good adventure fiction, perhaps a who-done-it, or a murder mystery. Well, there is no time like now. Just think of getting an advance for your next book idea, receiving a phone call from your agent with the deadline. Off you go with an idea in your head and […]

How to Get Featured in LocalGuide

Here at LocalsGuide, we often hear from folks wanting to know how they can feature their business, practice or organization in the Monthly. Here are a few ways: Take out an ad — Make it interesting Post an event — Engage the audience Blog about your company — Share an insider’s tip Write a “Day […]

Solorios La Hacienda: Southern Oregons Best Mexican Food

We are Texas transplants. We love Mexican food. So, when we moved to Southern Oregon in January, we started looking for “great” Mexican food. We tried many places (that we won’t name) and between the watery salsa and the over cooked tortillas, we were beginning to think we might have to move back…then, based on […]

Stress and weight gain

Chronic stress triggers an ancient response of calorie accumulation. The cycle of stress affects weight by increasing hormones above normal levels, resulting in hunger and fat deposition, which causes inflammation, which causes more stress, and off we go on the cycle of stress effected weight gain.

Why You May Shed Weight Slower Then You Gained It.

We’d like to think that our bodies work like cars-press the accelerator to go faster, tap the brakes to slow down. But our bodies metabolic switches don’t quite work that way: we may not gain or lose weight at the rate in which we expect to. When we have inflammation, our bodies are less efficient., […]

Serotonin and Craving Carbs

When the level of serotonin in your brain falls, your body senses starvation, and to protect itself, starts craving carbs. Serotonin levels plummet after you go to long without eating, and that prompts your bodily machine to fill itself with foods. Some people have tried to keep their serotonin level up by supplementation with 5-HTP, […]