Wild River Brewing & Pizza Co. – REVIEW

My friends and I are always in search of new and different eateries in Medford, and one day, we stumbled upon Wild River Brewing & Pizza Co. Located where the old police station used to be, Wild River caught our attention from the hip new building and large parking lot out front. We decided to check it out, and what we found was, oh so delicious.

A large foyer greeted us as we entered, and immediately our stomachs began to growl from the smell of one of our favorite foods: Pizza! We were sat in the pub area, which suited our group of beer lovers just fine. The table, unlike many other pizza establishment, was large enough for us to all sit comfortably, our waitress was friendly, prompt and funny as hell! (Hi Pam) The lights were soft, but bright enough for us to read our menus; which were filled with delicious pizzas, beers, pastas, sandwiches and desserts. My eyes immediately went to a pizza named Oktoberfest, topped with smoked sausage and sauerkraut. It was at this moment that I knew my taste buds were about to take a wild ride.

After spending ten minutes trying to decide between the Spirit of America (Canadian bacon, pepperoni and linguica), Hog Creek (Canadian bacon & tomatoes) and the Oktoberfest, it was time to make an even harder decision: which beer do we try? Thankfully, Wild River takes care of this conundrum for you. They offer a beer sampler which includes six of their award winning microbrews.

If you’re more of a pasta junkie like our friend Kim, Wild River can feed your addiction with the one of a kind campfire pasta; made with smoked linguica, onions, peppers, white wine and parmesan. The portion was so huge, I knew there was no way our friend could finish it. Sadly, we were wrong. She did finish it, which was a stunning achievement to say the least (she weighs about 100 lbs; she now weighs105lbs). We had planned on trying dessert, but after the feast, none of us had room. However, if you get the chance, try the chocolate ganache cake or Kona coffee mud pie: they are to die for (as the ladies at the next table told us).

The moral? Roaming around Medford just might get you a great food experience, and don’t be afraid to try new things… you just might be surprised.

Wild River Brewing & Pizza Co. is located at 2684 N Pacific Hwy in Medford. To check out the full menu visit Open daily from 10:30am – 11:00pm.



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