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From the Greenhouse: Poinsettia Season

December is almost here and we are in the midst of a massive poinsettia move-out! This year we grew around 8000 poinsettias in fourteen different colors and varieties. We grow the poinsettias in a wide assortment of sizes, from small 4” containers perfect for table decorations, to large 10” containers holding 5 poinsettias each that […]

From The Greenhouses: Time For a Visit

There are certain times of year I like to tell people to come see the greenhouses: mid-April and mid-November. Mid-April is usually pretty obvious because it’s the time of year when the greenhouses are at max capacity and everything is blooming. Mid-November is not a time of year most people would think to be a […]

From the Greenhouse:  Are you too late?

We get a lot of people asking us if October is “too late” to be planting anything.  Fortunately, our mild climate allows us to plant almost year-round.  However, you still need to be aware of what you’re planting to make sure it will survive a frost or freeze.  It’s also best to avoid planting during […]

Are You Too Late?

We get a lot of people asking us if October is “too late” to be planting anything. Fortunately our mild climate allows us to plant almost year-round. However, you still need to be aware of what you’re planting to make sure it will survive a frost or freeze. It’s also best to avoid planting during […]

Time for an Autumn Makeover

This time of year we get a lot of people anxious for a change in their gardens and a fresh look. We’re fortunate in Southern Oregon to have a mild enough climate that allows us to have a fall and winter season for vegetable and flower gardens. Each year we always have our fall crop […]

Ornamental Grasses

By Kelly Brainard, Ashland Greenhouses Just when you think gardening couldn’t be any more challenging we were hit with what seemed to be a never ending heat wave in June and then a wave of thunderstorms in early July.  We’re all wondering what’s in store for the rest of the summer and I’d bet the […]

Don’t Water Mindlessly

I know that many of you have heard me talk about watering over and over; however watering wisely is one of the most important things you can do for your plants to ensure healthy, beautiful gardens. It is always a major topic of discussion primarily because it requires more thought than many of us realize. […]

Pinching for Bigger Fuller Plants

Now that many of us have got the majority of our planting done for the season it’s time to think about ways to keep your plants looking great all summer. An easy trick that a lot of people are sometimes afraid to do is pinch your plants. Usually people are afraid that they may harm […]

Ashland Greenhouses – Spring Fever

Spring Fever by  Kelly Brainard Owner of Ashland Greenhouses Every April we offer classes on creating containers and hanging baskets and they are always our most popular.  A list of classes is available on our website. Since the classes fill up so quickly I wanted to share with you some of the key concepts we […]

Spring Fever

March is here and many of you have probably taken advantage of the mild temperatures we had in February to get out into your yards and start the annual spring clean up.  This is a great time to really take a look at the perennials in your beds and determine whether or not you really […]

Feeling a Bit Like Spring

February is here and we’re that much closer to the beginning of spring. We’ve been super busy planting thousands of plants and hanging baskets each week here at the greenhouses so it’s already feeling a bit like spring. We currently have a wonderful selection of cyclamen and primroses in color to help brighten up the […]

Busy Planting for Spring

Ashland Greenhouses would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and are very excited for another year of gardening!  January may seem gloomy at times but inside the greenhouses it’s sixty degrees or more. We are busy planting thousands of plants and baskets each week from now until mid-May.  I encourage you to come […]

Time for Poinsettias

December is here and we are in the midst of a massive poinsettia move-out! This year we grew around 8000 poinsettias in fourteen different colors and varieties. We grow the poinsettias in a wide assortment of sizes from small 4” containers perfect for table decorations, to large 10” containers holding 5 poinsettias each that are […]

It’s That Time of Year

November is an interesting time here at the greenhouses.  We’ve got multiple things going on and if you have time to stop by and see what’s happening it’s worth the trip.  Currently we’re in the process of planting just over 70,000 perennials for our 2015 season.  We’ll be planting perennials the beginning of this month […]

Time to Enjoy Your Garden

As October rolls around and I’ve come to terms with the fact that summer is actually over and fall is in full swing, I always feel a bit guilty that I’m actually relived. I get a little tired of watering, harvesting, dead-heading and all the other things that tend to go along with spring and […]

Fall and Winter Color

This time of year we often have customers wondering what to put in their patio containers that will look good through the fall and winter.  Pansies are a great choice for winter color and there have been a lot of improvements made to the trailing varieties, which are great for containers.  We grow two different […]

August Gardening

Believe it or not August is a great time to start thinking about replanting some of those cool season vegetable crops that you might have had in early spring. Lettuces, broccoli, kale, cabbage, onions and more are often planted this time of year so that you can enjoy them in the coming months. We typically […]

Summer Favorites

Many of us are so excited to get out and start gardening in the spring that we tend to plant a lot of perennials and annuals that thrive when it’s cooler and then fade as July sets in. Here at Ashland Greenhouses we plant a summer crop of tough summer plants that bloom and thrive […]

From the Greenhouse – Tasty Tomato Talk

Let’s talk tomatoes.  For those of us that crave a home-grown tomato we are always searching for the best tasting, best slicing, or best canning tomato.  There are so many varieties of tomatoes to choose from that it makes decision making for what to plant difficult.  For those of you that can’t wait to get […]

From the Greenhouse: Early Spring Fever

Plants that bloom early in the season are always sought after by those of us dying for some early spring color.  I encourage gardeners looking for season-long color to visit the nursery throughout the year to see what’s blooming that can be added to their flower beds; this way in future years they have something […]

From the Greenhouse: Happy December!

Our third annual Poinsettia Festival was a great success and we had a wonderful time with everyone who was able to make it!  Thank you to all of our fantastic vendors who helped make it a festive experience; Jeanne’s Jackets and Christmas Jewelry, Donna D’s Delicacies & Delights, Eden’s Jewelry, Paparazzi Accessories, Cliff Creek Cellars, […]

From the Greenhouse: Cold Weather Happenings

We’re Still Here! It’s the time of year we start getting phone calls to see if we are open. The answer is YES, we are open year-round, only taking a break from just before Christmas to New Year’s.  We still have a great selection of pansies and perennials for winter color.  Don’t forget to carefully […]

From the Greenhouse: Eat Your Flowers

Local September publications were bursting with articles about cool weather veggies and gardening. I encourage everyone to dive in! But what to do with all the veggies that are still coming on? Well if you’ve filled your pantry and your friends and neighbors are no longer accepting donations; consider donating ripe, healthy, unblemished produce to […]

Smoke Signals & Transitions

The wildfire smoke may be around for a while longer. While it’s unhealthy for creatures great and small, here are a few good things the smoke is doing for your plants. First: As the wildfire plants burn, a family of chemicals called karrikins are released. Karrakin molecules enter seeds and send a signal to the […]

The Dreaded Cabbage Moth

The cabbage moth begins to appear in spring and summer, increasing drastically in numbers by early autumn. They are white, with a black dot on each wing, and are commonly mistaken as a white butterfly. Though charming to look at as they drunkenly flutter about the garden, these creatures can be a menace. Try watching […]

A Few Notes on Watering

Neglect followed by overwatering is a big problem for plants this time of year. When plants are neglected the whole plant becomes stressed including the roots. Most people will try to salvage a crisped or withering plant by drowning it with water, and that is literally what they are doing. Roots do need water but […]

Fascinating Fertilizers

We receive questions about fertilizing almost daily so I thought I would review the subject and add some suggestions. Most fertilizers list the ‘big three’ nutrients on their label: those being nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) in that order.  For most gardens a balanced general-purpose fertilizer with numbers that are all the same […]

Keeping Ashland Beautiful Ashland Greenhouses

Founded in 1906 Ashland Greenhouses has played an important role in keeping Ashland beautiful. With over 31 greenhouses growing more than a million annuals and vegetables, 70,000 perennials, 7,000 hanging baskets and 10,000 poinsettias, local owners Kelly & Ben Brainard make sure to meet all the needs of Ashland’s gardening  green thumb, and landscaping community. Ashland […]

Is It Spring Yet?

In the cold, dreary rains of March, respite can be found at Ashland Greenhouses. The benches are filling up with fresh annuals and perennials, cool weather veggie starts are ready, and many varieties of plants are starting to bloom. I’m getting ready to put together some spring display containers for the entrance to the store. […]