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Gardening and Technology

I started out with a title of Gardening vs. Technology, but I changed the title because I realized they can be used together. The line between gardening and technology is getting thinner and thinner. There was a time when learning about gardening came from reading books and magazines, going to a garden class, or visiting […]

We LOVE February

February is not really known as a typical gardening month, but for diehard gardeners every month is a gardening month. If you are discouraged by the weather here are some things you can do that help you LOVE February. We LOVE February because: 1. Seed catalogs are coming full force in the mail. Territorial Seed […]

New Beginings

BRRRR, the cold and gray days of January are thankfully an introduction to new things to come. Speaking of new things, starting January 13th, I Beth Mickelsen will be the new store manager at Ashland Greenhouses. I have worked in the greenhouse industry for more than 10 years, cultivating a love for plants and their […]

The Poinsettia Disappearing Act

Poinsettias are flying out the doors! We’ve still got a nice selection of colors and sizes. It’s hard to believe 8000 poinsettias can disappear so quickly. We’ve been growing them since July and within a few short weeks, they’ll be gone. We’ll be open until Friday, December 13th, so hopefully you can stop by before […]

A Sea of Red

There are certain times of year I like to encourage people to come to see the greenhouses; mid-April and mid-November. Mid-April is obvious because it’s the time of year when the greenhouses are at maximum capacity and everything is blooming. Mid-November is not a time of year most people think would be a great time […]

Time to Enjoy Your Garden

As October rolls around and I’ve come to terms with the fact that summer is over and fall is in full swing, I always feel a bit guilty that I’m happy for the change. I get a little tired of the watering, harvesting, deadheading and other chores that tend to go along with summer gardening. […]

Packs are Back!

It’s that time of year again! Our fall annuals, perennials, and vegetables are finally here! It’s almost like a mini-spring with fresh new flowers and vegetables. The nights are getting cooler and it’s refreshing to replant your beds and vegetable gardens with something new. We have over 25 varieties of pansies available in both the […]

A New Season with Fresh Picks

August is the beginning of a new season here at Ashland Greeenhouses, with many new and exciting plants for late summer and fall. We plant hundreds of plant varieties specifically for this new season and I’m happy to share with you some of our new favorites. Zauschneria Orange Carpet Also called the Creeping Hummingbird Trumpet […]

Summer Flowers

Is it hot enough yet? Let me guess, you said yes. I’m always amazed at the toughness of some of our customers this time of year. They make their way out to the greenhouses to take a peek around, see what we might have and replace what may have went belly up in their garden. […]

Turning a Corner

We have turned another corner in the gardening season. We leave behind spring and head into the summer months, changing our gardening behavior. There are a good many of us who have got much, if not all, of our planting done. In fact for a good portion they’re a couple months in and are enjoying […]

April is the Prettiest Time Here

The Queen of Spring has arrived and She is adorned in color. April is Her month and we marvel at how beautiful She is. Spring is still youthful when She arrives. Sometimes fussy with bouts of annoying showers cast along the way, but always She comes with anticipation for those of us who like to […]

Come See the Madness

March madness is upon us. No, I’m not talking basketball hoops. I’m talking about the buzzing activity here at the greenhouses. Oh I love the tournament as many of you do. But we are in our own competition of sorts to meet all the goals we want to accomplish this spring. We are at the […]

Living Chocolate?!

I hope you are settling in nicely to 2019. February is the doorway to March and the precipice of the real spring regardless of what the weather may bring. We here at the greenhouses hope that your New Year’s resolutions included getting into your garden more. We have colorful blooms taking place here and it […]

Happy New Plant New Year

Happy New Year! What makes the year new beyond the flipping of the calendar and the change of a number? For us it starts with new varieties of plants. We are accustomed to growing the usual suspects year after year. And we will never depart from the trusty favorites that grow great for our region […]

“Twas The Night Before Spring…”

Soon it will be quiet here at the greenhouses, in fact quite sleepy.  We close when we sell out of poinsettias, from the middle of December to the 2nd week of January.  The indoor growing facilities commonly referred to as our retail area will soon be swept clean, the echoes of a bustling spring faded.  […]

Poinsettia Traditions

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Oh, the traditions of the Holidays. And for many years we have played the part. Poinsettias! These splendid plants bring color to brighten up the otherwise short and sometimes dreary days of winter. Of course we often think of the traditional red when we think of poinsettias, […]

Why Not Save a Few?

If we haven’t experienced it yet, we soon will be seeing frost on the Pumpkin! Well, so much for another season of gardening, or is it? We’ve seen quite a transformation regarding the needs of our clientele on both ends of the planting spectrum. The reason? Hobby or home greenhouses, you guys want more garden […]

Packs are Back!

Pony pack flowering annuals and vegetable starts are now available! Customers have been begging for them, and now we can happily say the fall crops are available. We have some new varieties of pansy colors, along with seasonal favorites like snapdragons, dusty miller, and of course, fall vegetables. The basics to remember when planting pony […]

Low Maintenance Gardening

Low maintenance gardening is a very popular topic here at the greenhouses. There are many of us who want either an entirely low maintenance garden, or portions of it that are low maintenance. Gardening can become time consuming, and overwhelming without any maintenance plan. We want the beauty of a luscious garden without all the […]

Summer Brings the Fun

This summer we’re excited to offer some new varieties of annuals and perennials. In late spring we planted some gallon items specifically for summer that we’ve never grown before. Of the 3000 we grew, the following are a few of our favorites: Digiplexis Illumination Flame Digiplexis is a beautiful foxglove cross. It looks similar to […]

A Pinch to Grow an Inch

Now that many of us have got the majority of our planting done for the season it’s time to think about ways to keep your plants looking great all summer. An easy trick that a lot of people are sometimes afraid to do is pinch your plants. Usually people are afraid they may harm the […]

We Beg You to Try a Begonia

We are often asked many questions this time of year about the many different kinds of begonias we grow. We grow over 40,000 begonias in the spring and it can often be overwhelming to choose the one you want. A few of the best qualities about begonias are their low maintenance, durability, and drought tolerance. […]

Why Wait?

April happens fast here at the greenhouses.  We have a huge selection of spring and summer annuals available and ready to plant outside.  Each week we will continue to have more and more plants available.  The hanging baskets are also coming along nicely, and this year we have varieties of mixed baskets able to tolerate […]

7 Plants You Don’t Want to Miss

Our perennials, herbs and annuals are quickly becoming sized up and available for planting in your gardens.   A lot of customers are searching for something to plant in their beds or containers to help brighten up their homes.  A few go-to items are now ready and typically sellout fast, and for good reason – […]

From the Greenhouse – A New Year with New Plants

January always brings a feeling of excitement and anticipation here at the greenhouses.  We are quick to get to work, planting thousands of plants and baskets each week from now until mid-May. Come out to see all the tiny little starts filling up the greenhouses each week.  It is always amazing how quickly it changes. […]

Holiday Poinsettias

As December approaches we’ll finish up the final shipping out of our poinsettias.  They began showing signs of color in early October with each variety being slightly different in its timing and color.  At this point they’re all in full color and size and a spectacular sight to see.  We’ve been carefully growing the poinsettias […]

A Mild Climate = More Planting Opportunities

We get a lot of people asking us if October is “too late” to be planting anything.  Fortunately our mild climate allows us to plant almost year-round.  However, you still need to be aware of what you’re planting to make sure it will survive a frost or freeze.  It’s also best to avoid planting during […]

Time for a Fresh Look

September is the perfect month for a fresh start and look.  After a long, hot summer I’m sure there are a lot of us with a few sad looking plants.  Don’t give up on them just yet.  With shorter days and cooler nights, now is a great time to give your plants a major haircut.  […]

Fall is Coming

Believe it or not August is a great time to start thinking about replanting some of those cool season vegetable crops that you had in early spring.  Lettuces, broccoli, kale, cabbage, onions and more are often planted this time of year so that you can enjoy them in the coming months.  We typically have ours […]

At the Greenhouse

Perennials, for mid-late summer, are typically overlooked when people are choosing plants in the early spring.  Russian Sage, Coreopsis, Erysimum, Salvia, Agastache, and Rudbeckias, which we grow for our summer season, happen to be some of my favorites primarily because they are the plants I notice in my own landscape that perform beautifully all summer […]

Attracting Pollinators

Many customers continuously ask us for plants that attract bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Something many people don’t realize is that by creating a garden that not only attracts pollinators, also creates a garden of season long color. It’s a win-win. If pollinators need constant food throughout the growing season, you’re going to have to make […]

Do the Deer Munch on Your Garden?

Deer resistant plants are always the most popular topic of conversation here at Ashland Greenhouses. Gardening within an area of high deer populations can be frustrating; especially when you’ve worked so hard to make something beautiful it becomes what I call “expensive deer food.” I also have to mention that just because something worked for […]

Start with a TOUGH Plant

As we head into spring, I think it is important to go over the importance of hardening off a plant and what that entails. Hardening off is a common term we use in the nursery industry, especially from now through May. It basically means acclimating a plant to its outdoor environment and making it hardier. […]

Great Groundcovers

Here at the greenhouses we’ve been busy planting and preparing for the upcoming season.  Last month we moved out all of our perennials to unheated cold frames to harden them off so you can start planting them in your landscape.  We have many new varieties this year, along with many longstanding favorites.  I wanted to […]

Still Time for the Garden

It’s not too late and it’s not too early. Some of our most common questions are regarding whether or not it’s too early or late to plant something in the garden.  Although January can sometimes be a tricky month, depending on temperature fluctuations, we often have mild enough weather to do a lot of gardening. […]

Looking Back at 2016

As December approaches we begin the final move out of poinsettias. They are the one crop we grow for the longest period of time and then within a very short time are sold and gone. We’ll be open until December 16th so you still have time to pick some out if you haven’t already. Looking […]

Clean Up Now Means Less Later

As October sets in now is a great time to get a head start on garden clean up.  This is very important for the overall health of your yard and garden, especially if you’ve had any issues with disease.  For your vegetable garden start by writing down where you planted various plant varieties.  This is […]