May May-Hem

Forget “March Madness” and “April Showers” it’s time for May May-Hem! May: the month of brilliant blue skies, warm sunshine, and all the birds chirping. Days grow longer and we can finally really get out and into our garden spaces. May brings with it plenty of beautiful perennials just waking and starting to fill in and annuls in glorious colors are available. I can hear hundreds of bees buzzing, singing spring and summer songs. It is a new season of magic!

May is such an exciting time for us here at the Greenhouses. Most of our planting is done, our store is bursting at the seams and our wholesale department is moving and grooving! May is also when the MAY-HEM really kicks in. Vegetable starts are stocked, our hanging baskets are exploding with color, our ever-popular Fuchsias are dripping with incredible blossoms, and of course our Zinnia tables are being stocked and restocked!

I look forward to May every year. It always feels like something exciting is just around the corner. Our gardens start to really come to life with color and are reaching for that warm sunshine. May can also bring pests to your garden spaces, and nothing can make a gardener more upset than watching their beloved plants get eaten or affected by diseases. Aphids are out in full force in May but fear not because there are new products out every season to help you combat the problems you may have. I learned last year that a good strong spray of water can dislodge most aphids followed by letting loose some ladybugs. Doing a bit of research on your own or talking with your local greenhouse or nursery will take a lot of that stress off your shoulders. It’s important to get started early when dealing with pests and diseases and May is the perfect month for that.

As we look forward to May I’m also looking back to April. I want to take this opportunity to say a huge Thank You to our many customers that attended our Open House and have given us such an incredible start to our season. Our popular Basket and Container class was as usual a huge hit and we are looking forward to all our classes and events in the coming months. I also want to say a big Thank You to our crew here at the Greenhouses. From Production, to Wholesale, the Retail Store crazy crew, Management, and to Kelly and Ben Brainard (owners and operators) without all of you Ashland Greenhouses would not be what is… a beautiful, fun, and family-based environment that is not just a job but truly a blessing!

We add to our stock every day!  You can check our availability list on our website as well as see all of our upcoming classes and events at  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see highlights of our favorite plants, beautiful photos, and exciting updates. As always please feel free to call us at (541) 482-2866 or email us at with any questions! And remember HAVE FUN!

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