Spring Fever

We all have that “itch” right now… and sunny days make us break out even more! Spring fever is taking over here at the greenhouses. Spring, that time of year when everything is in a state of renewal and fresh growth, is by far my favorite season. Days are getting longer, the trees are budding, and the soil is warming up.

Early spring gardens can be a colorful and tasty welcome to the growing season ahead. Pansies and violas can be planted now. We grow an incredible variety here and they are always a bright and cheerful addition to your space. Our Cool Wave trailing pansies are great for containers and hanging baskets. Pansies and violas do well in cooler temperatures, so they make the perfect early spring planting. Planting cool weather vegetables now is another great way to start the new season. We have broccoli, kale, rainbow chard, brussel sprouts and some wonderful cabbages and lettuce.

Here in the Rogue Valley, we sit at the USDA Hardiness Zone 7. Our spring weather can be unstable at times. Frost, hard freezes, and the occasional snow flurry aren’t uncommon. You can provide some protection for your plants by simply covering them with a frost cloth. I have even placed five-gallon buckets over my larger plants in the past and it worked great. The last freeze date varies from year to year but typically is in mid-April with occasional frosts happening through early May. Of course, that’s no guarantee so be sure to keep an eye on the local weather.

We have been very busy at Ashland Greenhouses planting thousands of annuals and perennials, not to mention our beautiful hanging baskets. We have a fresh batch of herbs and many perennials available as well, such as Agastache, Isotoma blue star creeper (one of my favorites), foxglove, and Bellis-Bellissima Mix. Our seed packets are fully stocked and we carry a great seed starter soil. If you haven’t been in lately to see this year’s metal garden art you’re missing out! I had so much fun ordering and decorating our retail area. We have fairies, mushrooms, gnomes, armadillos, cactus, coyotes, and much more. We even have a few patriotic sasquatches that would make a fun addition to your space.

New plants are being added to our inventory every week, so come visit us often to see all that we have to offer. Check our website for plant availability updates as well as details on upcoming classes and events. We have our Cool Season Annuals & Perennials Class coming up Thursday, March 16th, and the New Variety Showcase and Open House will happen Saturday, April 1st. Give us a call, or send an email to if you have any questions.

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Ashland Greenhouses

Ashland Greenhouses is located at 650 E Ashland Lane just off of Butler Creek Road in Ashland. We are open daily. Please visit our website or give us a call to learn more.

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