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Dave Fresilli Private Wellness LLC – Get Started Today!

Living a healthy life doesn’t need to be complicated or confusing. Introducing Dave Fresilli. A holistic health and wellness practitioner who will help support your goals and knows theto get you there. Dave’s unique and positive approach to life keeps you moving forward with deep insight and coaching. One step at a time you can […]

Dave Fresilli – Private Wellness Embody The Change!

How many of us feel a deep nudging to step forward and truly begin living the life we want to live? If so, cultivating a deeper awareness and awakening within oneself is needed. If we want to embody healthy choices in our lives without having to struggle against old habits, we must realize that habits […]

It Takes Action To Create Your Health & Dream Body

Action is certainly required to achieve any goal you create for yourself regarding your health and fitness. Taking action is something we want to get excited about. It is through taking action that we achieve the health and dream body we have always desired. The idea of taking action is a concept many people cannot […]


A person may have huge amounts of potential, talent, and skill, and yet still lack what is ultimately needed to create his or her vision of overall health and fitness. Above all things, persistence and determination are needed to achieve your dream body and optimum health. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, […]

Swiss Ball Training

Most gyms and clubs have a lot of machines as part of their fitness facility. They are stable, easy to use, and focus primarily on one muscle group. This may seem like the perfect solution for most people. They can do a circuit training session moving from one machine to the other. The machine does […]

Why Use A Holistic Approach?

You never know what you’re missing, until you realize you’re missing it! This realization is my way of helping clients understand what is actually going on with any health, fitness, and wellness challenges they are experiencing. Humans are composed of a complex set of systems. Each system is interdependent on the other to create health, […]

Developing a Passion for Health and Fitness

Many of us have a frustrating time getting into the habit of eating well, exercising, and just overall taking care of ourselves. We seem to put our health and fitness after everything else and if we can get to it we will give it some thought. Usually by this time we would rather spend the […]

Living Health & Wellness

Health and wellness is a lifestyle. It’s how you feel about yourself, and who you know yourself to be. It’s loving yourself enough to take care of yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Most of the time we just move through our days without much intention of taking care of ourselves. It is as if […]

Water Is Key To Your Health

Hi folks, thanks for joining me. So this month I wanted to start you off with some foundational information to help you understand the importance of WATER! Yes I know it’s doesn’t sound very exciting does it? However, that is only because you haven’t heard how amazing water is and how critically important water is […]