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Give the Gift of Health

Express your love for your friends and family this holiday season by giving them the gift of health.  At Sage Medicine, we have gift certificates available to make your holiday shopping easy and help you take care of the ones you love. When our bodies are running smoothly, we often take for granted our general […]

Why Sage Medicine is Unique

As I sit here in our beautiful and serene office, I reflect upon what makes us truly different from other practitioners. We take the time to listen to our patients. We schedule each patient on the hour and a half, allowing each person to fully absorb the treatment they are receiving. We consciously choose to […]

What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

“Ashland is SO fortunate to have the Kaminker’s practicing here. The search is over; our family has found a pro. Thanks, David.“    ~ Susan B., Ashland, OR “Erin’s ability to diagnose and treat your every concern is way beyond her years. She is an intuitive master of attention to detail… she provides an extremely relaxing […]

What Do You Value Most?

In talking with our patients over the years we’ve heard all types of interesting stories about people’s healthcare experiences.  Many of these stories are deeply touching and uplifting, inspiring us to be positive influences in our patients’ lives.  Other stories are surprising and disappointing, acting as lessons for us to learn from. The most fascinating […]

A Healthy Immune System

Many people do not know that a healthy immune system actually starts in the intestines. The intestines are filled with a delicate balance of more than 500 different strains of bacteria (also called gastrointestinal flora). These microorganisms account for 70% of our immune system. Maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal flora is essential to protect […]

Stress Management: The Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

Stress gets to all of us these days. It can cause damage to almost all bodily processes. However, you can learn to identify stressors in your life and take action to manage the impact these events have on you. Medical research suggests that up to 90 percent of all illness and disease is stress related, […]

Mindfulness in Medicine: Pain Management

Mindfulness practice can be a surprisingly effective approach to pain management. In my April column, I suggested an exercise that can be used to transform pain: “Instead of immediately saying, “Pain. Bad. Make it stop,” one might bring awareness inside the pain. Explore the pain with curiosity. Notice the temperature, the texture and the potency. […]