What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

“Ashland is SO fortunate to have the Kaminker’s practicing here. The search is over; our family has found a pro. Thanks, David.“    ~ Susan B., Ashland, OR

“Erin’s ability to diagnose and treat your every concern is way beyond her years. She is an intuitive master of attention to detail… she provides an extremely relaxing and productive session not to be missed by anyone serious about their own transformation and well being.”    ~ Victoria S., Santa Fe, NM

“David Kaminker brings a presence to his work that is beyond any other acupuncture I have received… As where some acupuncturists like to stimulate and help get things flowing painfully, his technique is completely non-invasive. David’s sense and keen awareness is present with every touch, which has deep profound results.”    ~ Alfred B., Ashland, OR

“Erin is a skilled, knowledgeable, and kind doctor. Her meticulous care, heartfelt warmth, and expert treatment have helped me recover from years of fatigue and digestive distress. As a devoted patient, I feel confident entrusting my health to Erin’s diligent and loving care. I recommend her in the highest regard.”    ~ Devon W.T., Ashland, OR

“I recently had a fall and hit my head hard enough to cause a mild concussion. After one session with Sage Medicine my headache and nausea were totally gone. I highly recommend David and Erin for your acupuncture needs.”    ~ Bunny L., Ashland, OR

“Slept nine hours last night and I feel amazing! …I have had easily over 100 acupuncture sessions over the years and this was the best to date.”    ~ Eddie M., Medford, OR

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