Give the Gift of Health

Express your love for your friends and family this holiday season by giving them the gift of health.  At Sage Medicine, we have gift certificates available to make your holiday shopping easy and help you take care of the ones you love.

When our bodies are running smoothly, we often take for granted our general state of health. Often, we don’t realize what a gift it is to be healthy until our bodies are out of balance and we begin to have symptoms. This is the perfect time of year for remembering to nourish one of our greatest gifts: our health.

Who can benefit from a Sage Medicine Gift Certificate?

The devoted mother, who gives everything she has to her children and husband, and never asks for anything in return.  How about a luxurious Massage & Acupuncture Combo to give her the nurturing she so deserves?

What about Dad? He works so hard to support the family, but rarely has enough energy left over for self-care.  He’s been complaining about his back pain for months, but hasn’t taken the initiative to get treatment.  Gift him a series of Acupuncture treatments to relax his tight muscles and relieve his chronic pain.

What about your friend who is always going a million miles a minute and doesn’t know how to slow down and rest?  How about Craniosacral Therapy to deeply reset the nervous system and start the New Year stress free?

Do you know someone who’s been sick several times this fall and winter?  Give them a gift certificate for a custom Chinese herbal formula to help support their immune system and restore their vitality.

How many people do you know who put on a few extra pounds during the holiday season and then turn around in the New Year with a resolution to lose weight? Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help them reach their goals this year!

What about that person who owns just about everything? No need to get them another sweater or kitchen utensil.  Give them the healing experience they’ve been waiting for!

We all know someone who could use some healing support. Give the gift of health!

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