A Good Day For Bowling At Roxy Ann Lanes

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Cannot find anything bad to say about these bowling lanes. Family owned. Staff is the best. Friendly, Reasonable, clean and a good place to take the family. No room for trouble here. Just wholesome fun. Good food and excellent prices. … by Paula

Thanks for doing this interview with us. My kids love bowling at Roxy Ann Lanes and when my son, Eliah, suggested that we do an interview with you guys I knew he was on to something great. Can you begin by telling us a little bit about the history of Roxy Ann Lanes and how you and your family became involved with owning and running a bowling center?

Roxy Ann Lanes opened in August of 1959 and has been at the same location for the last 51 years. We bought the Lanes in 2004 and are only the second owners. Lela had been employed in the bowling industry so we knew something about the business. We always believe that if we get very involved in the communities that we serve, that everything else will take care of itself.

Are most people who come bowling at Roxy Ann Lanes local or are some people traveling great distances?
Most of our bowlers come from Jackson County although we do have several who drive up to see us from Yreka, Mt. Shasta and the coast.

Are most of your bowlers individuals who have been bowling on a regular basis or newbies?
It is quite the cross section. However, we have probably seen more new bowlers in the last couple of years, which is a good thing.

Who is your oldest regular bowler and how long have they been bowling?
We have one lady in her nineties who has been bowling since the Lanes opened.

I’ve seen some interesting characters at the lanes. Can you describe a few interesting characteristics or habits that you guys a have run across?
No one comes to mind. Perhaps we are just used to them by now.

Most interesting bowling ritual you have either witnessed heard about?
Nothing in particular. We view bowling much the same as golf. Most people have a pre-shot routine. They rub down the ball, take deep breaths, rub a lucky rabbit’s foot, they might spin three times clockwise, anything to visualize the next shot. It is all about concentration.

How about any interesting bowling folklore?
Dutch Colonists brought bowling to America in the 17th century. The game consisted of nine pins set in a triangle. It was regularly played in an area of New York City still known as “Bowling Green”.

Who invented the ramps for the two-year-old bowler?
As the story goes, a gentleman by the name of Harold J. Steel invented the bowling ramp in 1963. He originally invented it to help people with disabilities enjoy the sport of bowling. Now, the ramps are used for people of all ages.

What if someone gets his or her finger or thumb stuck in a bowling ball… can this really happen?
Yes, occasionally. The remedy is to relax the hand and slowly extricate your thumb or finger.

Top three tips for scoring a strike?
Give yourself a chance by throwing the ball right down the middle of the lane. Don’t overthrow the ball. Let it roll right off your fingers.

How do you get in your Hall of Fame?
By accomplishing a perfect 300 game or attaining an aggregate score of 800 in three consecutive games.

Best age to start your kids bowling?
Age four-give or take a year.

What makes a good bowling team?
People who are supportive of their teammates and enjoy each other’s company. The idea is to have a good time.

Best tips for un-nerving your competitor?
We have bowlers who comment on what they are doing to adjust to lane conditions. That could disrupt your focus.

Hours of operation and location?
We are open Mondays 11AM-11PM,
Tuesday-Thursday 9AM-11PM, Friday 9AM-1AM, Saturdays 9AM-Midnight
and Sundays, 9AM-11PM. We are located just south of I-5’s Exit 27 at 2375 S. Pacific Hwy. 99, in Medford. Come see us.

Any last comments for our readers?
Yes, Thanks for the opportunity to share our thoughts. We strive to offer good food and affordable entertainment in a clean, comfortable family atmosphere. “You are always a Guest in our House”.

Lela and John Larkin
Roxy Ann Lanes

Roxy Ann Lanes
2375 South Pacific Highway
Medford, OR 97501-8757
(541) 772-7171

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