Breakfast at Morning Glory


I’m a sucker for breakfast… yup that’s me. Show me an egg and I all but swoon.

Offer me a kitchen that smells like eggs, pancakes and coffee and… and I’m a kid again. My mom is the culprit..she’s scarred me for life. Home-made Saturday morning breakfasts like ‘picture pancakes’. You know the kind;  The ones that are poured in the pan to have smiley faces with blueberries for eyes and strawberries for lips. Or better yet, a ‘horsey’ pancake, painstakingly poured on the griddle with mane, tale and legs..the whole nine yards.  Waffles, hot cereal, omelets, ‘egg on a raft’. She always told me breakfast was the most important meal of the day… she was right.

Normally I’m the one that makes our Saturday morning breakfasts now. Pancakes, turkey bacon, eggs (either scrambled or poached). But not this weekend, WOOHOO!  I gave my stove the morning off.  Frank and I got up bright and early Saturday morning and went up to Morning Glory for breakfast.

Walking in the periwinkle trimmed house off Siskiyou Blvd, almost spot on 8am, I couldn’t believe there were already two tables with hungry folks. They don’t open til 8:00..that means there had to be a line, ALREADY..(Okay, this shows promise) AND after only 15 minutes… Almost all the tables were full. I guess we’re the last ones in Ashland to know the secret… figures.

Our table is small and funky and the decor is bright, artistically diverse and whimsical. I loved the murals, the fresh flowers on our table, and the friendly service. Our hostess was cheerful and attentive, coming back regularly to fill Frank’s coffee(she got many points for that..he was keeping track!)

The menu looked amazing..but we were both smitten by the list of specials our server recited. There had to be at least 5 breakfast specials. Frank chose the buckwheat banana pancakes with pecans, lemon butter and real maple syrup.  I chose the salmon cakes with poached eggs smothered in an orange tarragon hollandaise sauce… yeah that’s right… orange tarragon! My taste buds didn’t know what hit them. My breakfast came with a marionberry muffin and hash browns, along  with all the rest… ooof.

The service was lightning fast, by 8:20 we had our meals and were staring jaw dropped at the portion sizes. I could only eat exactly half my breakfast and took the rest of it home for Sunday. Frank made it all the way through his 3 pancakes and eggs over easy, but wasn’t hungry again til dinner.

I have to mention this lemon butter that was served with his pancakes… talk about flavor!  It must have had tons of lemon zest mixed with it along with superfine sugar. It was sweet, lemony, buttery decadence.

Morning Glory is a rare treat. They offer good home-made gourmet breakfasts (also lunches), served fresh and fast by great servers and baristas in a quintessentially Ashland atmosphere.  It can certainly get crowded..but that shows that it must be popular. Also… at least for us, it will only be a treat once in a while, because all that great food comes at a price. With tax and tip our ticket was approximately $35.00 for two people.  It was definitely worth it though… at least my kitchen says so… and I have to agree. J

Morning Glory is open 7 days a week. 8am-2pm. We’ll definitely come back.



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