Chronic Loss of Vitality: What is really going on?

By. Dr. Timothy March D.C.

Most everyone out there seems to have a condition that has lingered on for years.  Migraines, digestive issues, pain, insomnia, fatigue are among the challenges that people describe when they come into our office.  When I first entered into practice it was exciting that people felt great when they left the office, but what I quickly discovered was that people were coming back a few months later presenting with the same issues.  As a Chiropractor and facilitator of health I wanted to get down to the root cause.  This led me on a quest to explore different technique systems and approaches that would specifically address the underlying cause.   I found 2 powerful techniques in my studies.  NUCCA ( National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association)  and KST ( Koren Specific Technique)  which both have made significant changes in my life.  Since joining Wellspring Centre for Body Balance, Dr. Jordan Weeda and I have discovered that blending these techniques together creates profound changes in our patients.

We are more than the sum of our parts.  We our complex and our physical bodies have emotions and neurological pathways that are effected by past events. Unless those events are processed properly we may carry those traumas around with us negatively effecting our health.  With NUCCA, we are able to efficiently correct the structural imbalances that are causing stress.  With KST, we are able to scan the body, check, and adjust for physical, emotional and chemical interference.  Often times there are several layers that must be worked through to get to the deepest cause.

Healing is a process.  A true sign of healing is when your body can re-experience the symptoms or trauma and permanently release them.  We are often times so concerned with the pain that we don’t process why that pain or trauma is still in our lives, we just know that we still have symptoms.  Its time for an integrative approach.  Through the application of two very unique, gentle and specific adjusting styles, we offer that deeper level of care.  We honor your body and your healing potential, allowing for the full expression of your optimum health.

We have helped many people that thought that they had run out of options.  We are successful, because rather then focusing on the apparent problem we find the solutions.