Customer Service Tips For Restaurants

Often time when eating out I find that the customer service is actually what makes or breaks an experience for me. Lets create a list of some things we can offer as recommendations in our "Customer Service Manifesto" for our 2007 Restaurant Guide.

Here is a start with something I think:


Incorrect Food Orders (Fault of the Waiter or Waitress)

When this happens it should be expected that your meal is given a top priority to be fixed and replaced as soon as possible. (Recently we had an incorrect order of not receiving a side salad with a slice of pita.. it took nearly 20 mins to replace. I could have walked down to the kitchen and made it myself. What is this type of service telling you as a customer.. Tuff Sh*T…



Writing Down Orders – (Forgetting Orders)

I have one thought here, which is request your order be written down if you have any doubt that might not receive what you want. (More thoughts would be appreciated)



Overly Attentive Staff – (your job is to make sure the customer is being helped and comfy.. not to be continually in their space and interrupting their meal)

To much attention can kill a deal.. for example… on Refilling water.. just do it 3 times max.. then bring out a carafe of water to set on the table.




This question personally drives me nuts.. because it opens the door to a lot of answers..

well, not as good as last time, or simply anything..

Are you prepared to fix something if you ask this question.. How about a question like is there anything else I can get for you?


OK, Tell me what you think

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