Dr. Erin Pollinger- Doctor of Chiropractic & Life Mastery Mentor

Now entering her 17th year as a Network Chiropractor utilizing Network Care (Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and SomatoRespiratory Integration (SRI)) to help patients of all kinds, Dr. Erin Pollinger of Soulwave Chiropractic Studio is expanding her practice in exciting new ways.  For starters, she has developed the Ultimate Alignment Coaching program offering women a 90-day intensive journey intended to inspire new ways of thinking and being in the world that foster health, wealth and nourish their dreams.

Just back stateside after leading her second retreat in the Dominical region of Costa Rica, we caught up with Erin to hear about Soulwave Chiropractic and the exciting new developments in motion for her business here in Ashland and beyond. 

Dr. Pollinger, welcome back and thanks for doing this interview with us today. Please tell us about your recent travels and work in Costa Rica.

I recently returned from Costa Rica where I facilitated our second Network and Yoga Retreat at our retreat center, the Awareness Center of Costa Rica.  My father and I have been developing the center for over 6 years now and it has become an incredible place for people to come and experience the magic that this land has to offer.  Both retreats held there were extraordinary!  Bringing people together in community to be on this sacred land to heal, dance, sing, play, rest and experience themselves and life in a whole new way is one of the things I am most passionate about right now. The level of connection, support and transformation that occurred blew my mind.  We woke up meditating with the sunrise, did yoga, got entrained, danced, ate delicious local Costa Rican food, and swam in the ocean while watching the sunset.  It was heavenly!

“A life changing retreat. Take a stellar location with beautiful and comfortable accommodations, throw in incredible people, offer unique and powerful Network Chiropractic entrainments, add yoga, ecstatic/tantric dance and nourishing food. Wrap it all up with the sparkly, shiny bow that is Dr. Erin Pollinger and it all adds up to be a remarkable, groundbreaking, life altering, soul shaking experience you will never, ever forget. Do yourself the biggest favor and sign up for this week of Pura Vida amazingness!”
-Sharon, yoga teacher

I am guessing that you are already working on your 2017 travel plans?

Yes!  I am planning on bringing in my yoga teacher, Krista Holland, to co-facilitate another Network and Yoga Retreat with me at the Awareness Center of Costa Rica in March, 2017.  I am so excited about working with her and for us to be bringing our unique gifts together to share in what will be another extraordinary week in paradise!  There are also a few other potential retreats in the works that will be announced in the coming months.

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You have now been practicing for over 17 years, with 15 of those years here in Ashland. How has your practice grown and changed over the years?

Most of my time in practice has been spent in my office, helping people through the work that I do as a chiropractor.  I worked for 12 years at Hidden Springs Wellness Center, which was an incredible experience, and have been working out of my beautiful home studio, Soulwave Chiropractic Studio, for the past 3 years.  I continue to love seeing people in the office and supporting them to feel more and more free in their bodies and lives.  I am continually blown away by how this work helps people live as the best version of themselves, feeling more energy and life moving through them.  Over the past few years, I have expanded my business to include coaching, workshops and retreats, all of which help the people I work with go more deeply into the transformation that they are ready for.  Not only am I doing the Costa Rica Retreats, but I am also co-facilitating more Wave of Feminine Beauty workshops for women, combining Tantric Dance and Network Care.  Last year we traveled to Santa Cruz and San Francisco to teach this workshop and hosted 2 here in Ashland.  We will be doing another one here locally in the fall and will be announcing that soon.

Something you are particularly proud of is your Ultimate Alignment Coaching program. Please tell us about this.

Yes!  I am loving being a coach for women who are ready to claim their most energized and passionate lives!  I work with women who are ready to be free… physically, financially and in all areas of life.  I have a huge passion for helping woman transform their stories around money that are preventing them from experiencing progress in life.  About 6 years ago, I remember standing in my kitchen and feeling so tired of not having the money I desired to really make a greater impact in the world.  I had been in survival mode for a long time and lost sight of what my truest desires were.  I was making just enough money to pay my bills every month.  I was exhausted, in pain, and knew that I was meant for more than that.  Right there, I made a decision to make a change.  I hired a coach and started flying to Colorado more often to be with my teacher and chiropractor, Donald Epstein.  With the support of these people, I simply made a choice to up level myself and my life.

I am now making more money than I ever thought possible and am able to do things like continue building out the retreat center in Costa Rica for more people to come and heal, travel when I desire, have an amazing support team personally and professionally, and am able to give my gifts in more open and relaxed way.  It was when I made this decision to play a bigger game that my symptoms started shifting in a profound way.  That is the beauty of symptoms; they are always the message that something needs to change and that there is an opportunity for us to expand in some way.  I see so many women in this valley struggling like I was and I know that there is another way.  This coaching program is all about helping women create lives in which they are doing what they are truly passionate about, making the money they desire, and feeling more incredible in their bodies than ever before.  

Who is your work best suited for?

Network Care is great because it serves all types of people. Because of the more gentle nature of the work, I am able to see babies and young children, older people, and everyone in between.  Basically, anyone who has a nervous system will benefit greatly from this work. That said, I do have a burning passion for working with people who are really ready to listen to their pain in a whole new way and make the changes in their lives that they are ready for.  In my coaching practice, I work with women who are ready to take their lives to the next level.  Helping people have lives that they are really excited about through all of the ways that I work is what it’s all about for me.  So, if you are ready to move from ordinary to extraordinary, the work I do is for you!

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Working with people in pain in your chiropractic practice is a big part of what you do, but your approach seems different. Tell us about this.

Helping people become more aligned physically, and as a result in all other areas of their lives, continues to be the most incredible thing I get to do in my life.  It is so rewarding to help my patients see that the pain they are experiencing in their bodies is a wake-up call to make a shift in their lives.  Whether this change is in the area of health, relationship, career, diet, exercise, etc., the pain always means that there is some way in which we are ready to show up more fully in our lives and stop settling. Most people come in wanting to get rid of symptoms – neck pain, back pain, headaches, etc., and have no idea about the bigger picture of the work.  The founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer, said that his purpose for the profession was to “unite man the physical with man the spiritual.”  He knew that when our posture is in defense and the tone of our nervous system is compromised, we are not in alignment with the divine plan of our lives and are not able to express our fullest potential.  It is then that we experience pain. Through the Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) entrainments, chronic tension is transformed into energy or fuel that my patients can use to experience progress in life.  When the entrainments are done in conjunction with Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), or the 12 Stages of Healing, massive change occurs.  The 12 Stages of Healing exercises involve focused touch, breath, sound and movement that allows people to access the deep wisdom that their pain has to offer.  Working with people to feel more free and flexible in their bodies as a result of them living more passionate and full lives is what really lights me up!

You offer a very different point of view in regards to pain.

Yes. We are taught that pain is bad and we should do whatever it takes to get rid of it as quickly as possible so we can go back to living the lives we were living before.  Most healing focuses on this and is called restorative healing.  Network Care is reorganizational, not restorative, and focuses on helping people use their pain as a wake-up call and message that something in their lives needs to change.  I help people get to where they were before the pain began, and then help them move way beyond that.  When you are not living your most fully expressed life, it is supposed to hurt!  The pain is there to let you know that it’s time to move from just an ok life to an awesome one!

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Please share some recent success stories with us.

Soulwave Chiropractic Studio:

“I started Network Care because I was unable to work and nearly unable to function.  I was experiencing severe and debilitating pain in my neck, left arm and hand.  After exams by several specialists, which included x-rays, MRI’s, and nerve conductivity tests, I was diagnosed with severe herniation of the C-6 disc in my neck and surgery was recommended.  After a month of care by Dr. Erin, I experienced an incredible reduction in pain and immobility and truly felt I was healing and normal functioning resumed.  A second MRI was taken after just over 2 months of care and it indicated to abnormality.  This diagnosis was certainly confirmed by my well- being, both physical and emotional. I am grateful!”
~ Greg


“To anyone seeking relief from pain and ready to make huge breakthroughs in their life – I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Erin Pollinger and Soulwave Chiropractic. Working with her has changed my life! After having chronic pain in my sacrum for over 10 years and trying so many things to no avail, it has been working with her that has not only brought me huge release and transformation in my body, but also has helped me make massive beneficial life changes as I re-organize and re-program my nervous system and posture! Honestly, this is the best investment I have ever made in my own well being!”
~ Eden Sky


“After years of dealing with chronic low back trouble, I was fortunate to discover Erin’s healing touch. She is the only chiropractor I’ve found locally (and I’ve tried several) who can relieve the pain. But — more importantly — she not only focuses on providing immediate relief, but desires to find the root cause(s), so that I can learn to do the work myself. She has a holistic healing approach, not a simplistic, and ultimately unsatisfying, back-cracking mentality. Thank you Erin!”
~ Russell Page


“I started receiving Network Chiropractic Care at around 7 weeks of pregnancy, due to a traumatic car accident which occurred prior to me being pregnant. My neck and back were extremely weighed down with the healing of my recent injuries, while working on this new life. However, I am so glad to have  discovered such a gently remarkable system for helping my body repair itself, with the loving guidance of Dr. Erin in every entrainment session. I highly recommend Dr. Erin, not only for those suffering any ailments to the body, mind, spirit… but to every pregnant women! I am happily pain free and extremely excited to give birth to a baby with a new body and much more positive outlook on life!!”
~ Brittany Kelly


“I am so grateful that I found Dr. Erin.  I made my first appointment to heal pain in my shoulders and neck from a car accident.  I didn’t understand at all the work that she does and I had no idea what was in store for me.  I was in a place in my life where I was very disconnected from my body; I was drinking and smoking frequently, eating fried foods and not taking care of my body at all.  I was very depressed and dealing with high anxiety every day.  I was very stuck in my head and thinking angry and fearful thoughts that were ruling my life. I felt completely stuck and hopeless, was uncomfortable in my body and self-love was something I had forgotten.

I have been seeing Erin for over a year now and my life has changed in more ways than I could ever imagine. I don’t drink or smoke at all anymore.  I have easily transitioned into healthy eating habits and the anxiety that used to be with me all of the time is almost completely gone. I feel incredible in my body now and actually love myself on a deep level. Thank you Dr. Erin!”
~ Greta


“Dr. Erin Pollinger’s work released me from the continual physical, emotional, and psychological pain of severe childhood trauma.  Prior to seeing Dr. Pollinger, I had tried every remedy and treatment possible, excepting prescription pain medication.  Often the pain was overwhelming, making it impossible to sleep and work.  Especially devastating was being unable to pick up or carry my daughter, let alone play with her.  After only six months of Dr. Pollinger’s care, 95% of my pain is gone, with huge transformation in my emotional and mental awareness.  It’s incredible.  I can breathe again.  

Ultimate Alignment Coaching:

“Coaching with Dr. Erin has been a blessing to witness a chiropractor doing many of the things I’ve envisioned for myself.  She’s been a role model, teacher, and guide for me to discover wounds and places within myself that needed healing, as well as how this state of being was siphoning off my creative energy.  I’ve been stuck in survival mode for so long, that not only did I not have energy for healing or creating, my perception was stuck in the old stories that I was replaying, over, and over again.  I could observe myself intellectually, however, the old patterns required a depth of reorganization that I could not do alone.  I feel greater freedom and knowingness that all my heart’s desires are possible, and dreams can be renewed.  With Dr. Erin’s support as a gifted healer and coach, I now have access to more tools and shifts in consciousness to do the inner work that supports the outer shifts.  I know I can change the old stories and recreate a new one at any time (or as many times necessary) to be in alignment within myself and with the creation of my ultimate dream practice and dream life!”
~With Much Gratitude & Love, Cheryl Berry, D.C.


“I went from a confused and insecure girl to an empowered and independent woman through my work with Erin. I had some ideas of the services and gifts that I want to offer to the world, but I didn’t know how to manifest and present them in a way that feels authentic and stress-free to me. Erin helped me get REALLY clear about what my gifts are, and was there with me through the emotional and mental roller coasters as I build my business. Furthermore, Erin worked with me to move through my financial insecurity, and I finally feel like I have a positive relationship with money that allows me to enjoy life more. Her motherly presence and guidance shifted my body and mind from survivor mode into a woman who is more connected to her body than ever.”
~ Elaine, Yoga Teacher and Nutrition Consultant


“My work with Erin has been completely life changing. Through her modules, recommended reading, and deep presence Erin has supported me in launching a business that I absolutely love. Erin helped me get really clear on my passion and life’s work and was a fierce advocate in encouraging me to stay connected to my TRUTH. Her wisdom, guidance, and support helped me shift many life perceptions and habits of mind that were not serving me and I now feel in Ultimate Alignment.”
~ Meredith

Dr. Pollinger, tell us about your free 15 minute consultations and Discovery Sessions for anyone wanting to learn more about your work.

I offer free 15 minute consultations on the phone for anyone interested in learning more about how the work that I do as a chiropractor can help them.  I also offer free 30 minute Discovery Sessions (also on the phone) for women who are interested in getting clarity about how my Ultimate Alignment Coaching program can help them take their lives to the next level.  Take advantage of these free offerings and let’s talk!  Now is the time to say yes to yourself and feeling free!

sunrise meditation

New patient appreciation month is right around the corner. What do you have in store for us?

Yes. This month, April, is New Patient Appreciation Month.  If you are ready to feel amazing in your body and your life, I am here to support you.  For the entire month of April, come in for the first 2 visits (see the ad for more details!) for only $69, saving you over $100!   This is a great way to learn about how this revolutionary work can help you be more aligned physically and in all areas of life.  Spaces are limited so call today to sign up! 541-701-9174.

 Any workshops or presentations coming up that you would like to promote?

Yes!  I am giving a free talk at Hidden Springs Wellness Center on Thursday, April 14th at 6:30pm, called The 5 Gifts of the Spine: Intro to NSA. This is a great way to learn more about the work that I do in the office and how it can help you transform your life.  A must attend for anyone interested in greater health and wellness!

I am also teaching a bi-monthly Tantric Dance of Feminine Power class, every first and third Thursday at the Evolve Dance Space.  This class is for women who are wanting to move in the world more from a place of power, creativity, and sensuality.  It is a space to reconnect to your womb and center and learn how to move in the world from this place (which is a very different place than where most women move from!).  I believe this practice is a must for every woman!

To sign up for these events, call 541-701-9174.

Anything else you would like potential patients and clients to know?

Just that I feel so grateful every day to do what I do.  I wake up happy and excited to be able to give my gifts in all of these ways and am more on fire than ever about being of highest level service to anyone who walks through my door.  Looking forward to connecting with you soon!


Learn More:
Erin Pollinger, Doctor of Chiropractic and Life Mastery Mentor
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