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DrRobertsAfter 30+ years at the helm of Colwell Chiropractic, Dr. John Colwell has sold his practice to his business partner Dr. Scott Roberts. The sale of the practice has been part of a gradual and intentional transition process. Dr. Roberts and Colwell have now worked together for over three years and it has been a great experience.  Their complementary work style have been a perfect fit and the time has finally been right for the transition to occur. Dr. Roberts will continue to provide the great level of care Colwell Chiropratic has become known for. I headed over to Robert’s Chiropractic to speak with Dr. Roberts to learn more about this style, his background and the passion for client centered care.
Dr. Robert’s thanks for taking the time to speak with me today. To begin with congratulations and
thanks for carrying on the practice of Colwell Chiropractic here in Ashland, Oregon. Please give us a little history and describe a few of your hope and goals in carrying forward.
I am proud and happy to have the opportunity to serve John’s patients as he is retiring, after serving the Rogue Valley and Ashland for 30+ years. I look forward to the opportunity to move Robert’s Chiropractic into the future with the same passion and skills. Over the last 3 1/2 years I have been grateful to have had the opportunity to treat a great many people in our unique and wonderful community. It was a great honor to me to be picked by Dr. Colwell to carry  the torch forward from here. As a native Oregonian, I hold precious the people that choose to call Oregon home. I look forward to treating the residents here with the same compassion and careful delivery as Dr. Colwell has shown. I bring a wide variety of skill sets to my new practice. I find that the more ways I find to perform an adjustment, the more I can help my patients return to health. Simply put, the more tools I bring to my practice the more people I can help.
Please tell us a little bit about your own training and background?
I have always been interested in healthcare since I was a young boy. In my 20s I became a radiographer, which I did for 18 years. During this time I saw far too many people in my care,hurting from simple mechanical/ skeletal issues that could have been relieved with Chiropractic care. I finally decided to do something about it and enrolled into chiropractic school.
I am a Western States Chiropractic College graduate. Not only is Western States the oldest Chiropractc college west of the Mississippi, it’s graduates test higher than any other Chiropractic college on Earth. My training there taught me many things, but the true evidence of what Chiropractic can actually do became evident to me only after I had graduated and begun treating.
Then one day you ran across an interesting classified ad which had been posted by Dr. Colwell?
I began looking for a place to start my own practice 4 years ago.  I came across an ad in a Chiropractic trade magazine simply stating Do you want to live in paradise and join the busiest Chiropractor in the Rogue Valley? “Of course I do”,  and I made the call. The rest is history.
From your point of view what has allowed for you to step into Colwell Chiropractic and have allowed it to have been such a successful transition?
My training at Western States gave me all the skills to diagnose and treat most of the conditions that befall us as humans. To begin with, John recognized the depth of my knowledge and secondly, John saw aspects of  himself in my passion for helping people in pain. John also recognized that I was not just taking a job as a Chiropractor, It was more like a calling.
You the began working with clients and have continued to do so for the past three and a half years.
Over the last 3 1/2  years I have not only treated my own patients, but I have relieved John during vacation or sickness. John has gone to great lengths to introduce me to 95+% of his patients and we have gone over all the charts and treatment plans in order to make a seamless transition. I feel the transition has been smooth because John and I share the same kind of heart when it comes to caring for others.
Often times when practices are acquired this can create both a radical change for patients and staff. You guys didn’t do it this way, in fact you did the opposite. 
 Since my beginning here in Ashland I have tried to emulate Dr. Colwells practice style. After all, he has helped an incredible amount of people and has been extremely successful. The formula of excellent patient centered care from beginning to end, combined with effective solid adjusting has been a gold standard here for over 3 decades, why would I want to change a good thing?
Tell us about your own philosophy to heath care and working with your patients?
My philosophy, even as an X-ray technologist, is to treat every patient as if they are a member of my family. It is my duty to treat the patient as an individual with unique needs.
In our phone call I mentioned that “it seems that you go out of your way to care for your patients”. You responded that “It is the way”. Please say more.
My patient’s recovery is paramount. There is no “out of my way” when it comes to achieving that goal. The way to me means that helping people through Chiropractic is a 24/7 vocation. I cannot shut it off. It is a passion that has infected the rest of my world, whether I am sitting on a park bench or walking on the street I am constantly diagnosing passers by. I cannot shut this off. If I see someone lifting incorrectly I am compelled to show them the best way to lift to avoid injury. The literal translation of physician is “teacher”. Sharing Chiropractic is as much a part of me as my eye color.
Dr. Robert’s I detect that  you are not only passionate about the work you do but also about many things. Can you share more. 
I make every attempt in my life to live fully. If that is what passion is then “YES” I am passionate. I am an eternally curious person. I am passionate about the human connection. I dance, I hike, I defend my environment, I love deeply, I live with an open heart.
You described that you get to experience an incredible feeling when you are able to help someone go from being sick to being well. 
Being a Chiropractor is the most uplifting career I can think of. I deal in healthcare not sick care. I have patients tell me all the time, ” I have been waiting all week for my appointment”. How many people, medical or not, hear that from their customers? Chiropractic guides the body in making its own repairs. From auto accident patients to gardeners, my patients come to me in pain. When they leave the office, they not only feeling better but I create a change in their architecture that does not merely relieve their pain, but makes a change that allows the body to return to normal. I feel like a shepherd, taking care of my patients, keeping them from harm, and looking after their well being.
Tell us more about your patients and what types of conditions you are best suited for.
 I treat newborns to centenarians. Each comes with its own set of issues.When I can help  prevent the need for ear tubes in the babies or relieve the elderly from the grip of chronic pain, it is one of the most energetically and spiritually uplifting feeling for me. The metamorphosis of an auto accident victim from the time shortly after their crash to full recovery is one of the most fulfilling and challenging aspects of my profession. These patients have more than likely never been in and accident before. That’s why its important for me to not only treat their injuries, but treat everything that comes with this trauma in their lives. From my special training in whiplash injuries I understand the process that the body goes through and I understand the mental and emotional load that comes with these injuries following a car accident. We also have a highly trained staff that can help guide our these patients through the morass of insurance issues, in order to put the patients mind at ease.
Please share one of your favorite chiropractic success stories.
That is a very difficult question for me to answer… every time I eliminate suffering it is a success story. My favorite?.. Some of the more gratifying are when I see a giant swing of emotion after an adjustment. I have had people go from crying to laughing hysterically after the pain is finally alleviated. I treated a 6 year old that could hardly walk and treated him for a while and saw him later that summer at the fair break dancing, or the woman that came in using a cane because her arthritis had become so severe. She asked me if I could help. I said I would try. 2 months later… no cane,  she has enrolled in Zumba and can walk her dogs again. These are by no means unusual so figuring out a favorite is really hard.
Are there any treatments that you administer that still boggle your mind, simply in terms of effectiveness and ability to help cure people?
There is nothing like a upper cervical adjustment. I have seen it stop migraines in their tracks, or stop intractable dizziness. If your are feeling like there is a disconnect between you and reality, kind of a brain fog; the upper cervical adjustment will help. By far it is the adjustment with the most gravitas.
Your own best tip for living a great life.
My best tip in life… Be who you are and love openly. Be all in…half measures will only yield a half harvest.
Other than a slight name change to the practice things should continue as normal?
Not a whole lot will change. John is still working here part time. Our staff and location will remain the same.
Finally any last comments to our readers?
Be good to your body… if you ruin it, where are you going to live?
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