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WEB_Juliet_DotyPrior to settling in Ashland, Juliet Butters Doty traveled the globe for 30 years spending her winters skiing in Switzerland while buying and selling gemstones throughout Asia during the summers.  She lived and raised her son on Maui before eventually relocating to her homeland of Australia.  Upon her return to Australia she was introduced to Medina Varley, a mystic of extraordinary knowing.  Despite her unique access piercing into the unknown, Medina lived a very ordinary life choosing to share her mystical experiences only with the dedicated few.  Within The Daystar Mystery School, Medina mentored the many intricacies, mysteries and facets of love.  Access to a multitude of Masters across the aeons was a day to day privilege of the ongoing experiential teachings.  Juliet spent 10 years working with Medina, an experience that changed her life forever.  Up until now, very little has been shared about the works and information shared by Medina.  She left no written records or archives of her work, yet the timeless truth remains the same, “The purpose of life is to love and to expand our capacity to love; also, to better our character.”  I spoke with Juliet Butters Doty about her re-location to Ashland, her experience with Medina and the interesting body of work she is now sharing with individuals around the planet.

Juliet, thanks for speaking with us today and stepping forward to share your extraordinary story. Can you take us back to the moment you first met Medina?

My mother actually was the one to insist I meet Medina. Mum was one of the three ‘Healing Ladies’ in the group of clients that would come every fortnight. On a visit from Hawaii, back in the early 90’s, I met with Medina and the relationship went from there. She exuded great love and the harmonics in her spoken voice were amazing.  She was a beautiful Opera singer as well.  After a series of getting together with the group or just on our own, I realized I wanted what Medina was offering. It wasn’t so much literal, it was a deep knowing that I was part of the group and the learning was far greater than any other ‘way.’ It became clear that this group was the real deal in that it wasn’t an occult, it was by donation only. Medina was so generous of her time and care. It was real. The group would gather for her Healing Services on a Sunday and after a potluck lunch we would regroup and all experience marvelous channelings. It was in this environment that we learned to channel. She artfully would coax it through us, settling our nerves, opening up further access. Medina was tirelessly patient and even though she may have been suffering with various ailments and pain she continued to give of her time and wealth of knowledge. We studied the Mystery Teachings across the aeons of time, worked endless hours on thousands of layers involving the collective, honing the skills of countless modalities, learned about other dimensions and the galaxies, all this was always overseen by the Avatars that had ever walked this planet and other realms. Every one of them, for example, Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, and many more, had a period of time whereby they would be ‘with Medina’ for a period of time, months on occasion, where we were able to glean truths from their mastery. This sounds rather grand but it is simply the truth.

You then spent the next ten years as a student in the Daystar Mystery School. What was this experience like for you and why did you decide todedicate so much time to this endeavor?

Well, imagine if you got to sit with Lord Buddha! Or Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Kuthumi, Archangel Michael,Chiron and so on. Even Mother Teresa came through, briefly after her passing. She was so direct and slammed us saying that we needed way more faith! She was so right. What a privilege beyond measure and over the years we came to understand the why of the replay of endless lifetimes, how that actually came to be. What was the content of what we were working on in each of those lifetimes; the unravelment of that. Thousands and thousands of layers and healings! It was tremendous, mindboggling, and absolutely fascinating.  In the evenings we would gather and venture up to other realms, dimensions and great, galactic inter-dimensional beings would deliver healings. Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara and Lord Ashtar. We would work on healings for the earth, learning how to direct energies to various hubs, groups or places. It is important to note that the lesson that Medina taught over and over was that of discernment. Who were we working with; do they feel good or right? And what to do with that situation if it wasn’t; a huge subject, but one that we covered thoroughly indeed. It was in these many circumstances that I experienced things that were and still are absolutely undeniable.

What were some of the central tenants that you learned?WEB_juliet_3

Fundamentally, that Love loves all. That Source, the Creator, God, whatever you call the power that moves the planets and suns around the galaxies and cosmos.  My word is Love. Love never judged us ever. We were the ones that judged ourselves, thereby entrapping ourselves in our various hell realms and dis-ease, further keeping us from the unified field of Love; veiled. The best part is that it is within our dysfunction, our miasm’s (clinically defined as; ‘general weakness’, ‘unwholesome atmosphere’, ‘an evil humor’), our mis-placement of power that hold the very keys to unlock our freedom. We are the ones that we have been waiting for. We hold the keys and the treasures to life within us. It is right under our very nose. The symptoms of our entrapment are the very clues to our freedom. There is a set of sequences to the Unwinding of each Soul, if one so chooses to regard, and with that unwinding comes an understanding of how we arrived there; resulting in a deep learning for the Soul and a deepening into the Heart and a capacity to Love more.  Another piece of the same puzzle is that we have had many lives and have experienced so much. We have all been on a marvelous journey. And now it is time to return back to Love, to release all the stories, emotions, and beliefs that have entrapped us. Over and over again it was the realization of the great depths of Love. It always goes back to that.

Eventually Medina fell ill and died. You ended up spending a considerable amount of time with her during these last days.

Months and months actually. In essence, Medina’s teachings became ruthlessly honest and direct; stripping our characters to the core. Simultaneously as this was occurring, Medina was becoming more and more pure and the caliber of transmission and teaching profound. The teaching would be streamlined perfectly for who was present in the room, it was a true marvel to observe the nuances and also the higher and higher lineage of Masters who came to be present in the last days. We endured much and discovered and carved an even greater endurance and strength within ourselves. We burned and were raked over the coals so to speak. We were pushed to realms and limits within where we broke through into our unlimited truth. I don’t mean to speak in paradoxes here.

I imagine this was a very powerful time for you after she passed.

Frankly, I was grieving and also thoroughly exhausted! Not only was I going through all the spiritual learning and work but I and others were caring for Medina herself; every doctor’s appointment, all of it. It was a time period where it took time to realize what had truly happened. A lot of integration and reflection occurred. Up until the time of Medina’s passing we had been so absorbed in the training and caring for Medina. Incidentally, the training over the years became so intense and demanding that many left the school over time, it became just “too hot in the kitchen” as they say, and so coming into present time, there are only two of us who are now delivering ‘the work’, albeit in our own unique ways. After Medina’s passing, there was a coming back into normal life, and that took a few months. Really that is when the work began its secondary deepening; to go out into life and live what we had been taught. And the truth is that we never really arrive. Love is always evolving and growing, and so the learning continues.

WEB_juliet_2As you began to reach out and work with clients, what are some of the most memorable moments that you have witnessed?

In the earlier days I worked with many clients who experienced psychic interference; hearing voices and so forth. It is always a privilege to relieve a person of that torment. There are varying degrees of this and it is often up to the individual to foster a desire to make some effort of their own to carve their way out after such an event. It takes discipline, although sometimes the energies have robbed the person of that strength. There are exercises and protocols to assist in building the spiritual discipline and muscles to strengthen oneself so that there is not a re-occurrence. There are no free lunches in this line of work. Effort is required by the client themselves. On countless occasions I have assisted clients to feel Love again within.
* To be able to even have the clarity to think straight and see their way out of their caught up world and with forward movement.
* To retrieve the ability to be able to actually see ahead and set a goal. Sounds amazing but sometimes people are just not able to do that.
* To assist a person to be able to move forward by clearing blocks that literally prevent them from having the good things they have been working for or towards to come into their lives. They literally can feel the openness, the access and space made available for that now to come in; very freeing.
* To assist a person to feel connected to this earth for the first time. Many people don’t feel they belong here, or feel a part of, or cannot ground into the earth. Part of our electro-magnetic field actually functions and is grounded in the earth giving us foundational access.
* For a person to be understood for the first time in their life. Some people have felt so misunderstood for their entire lives. No one gets them or they express themselves in a way that is delivered and received in a totally unintended manner entirely. To be truly understood, finally, is such a defining and powerful moment for a person.

You refer to yourself as a Spiritual Body Trainer. Can you please say more about this?

I am able to see into a persons’ field and know them across all time, shall we say; how they have been affected by particular traumas and experiences. We all function with 23 Bodies and Systems within a person’s ‘electro-magnetic field’ as I call it. We have our Emotional, Mental, Skeletal, Physical, Astral, Etheric, Spiritual and Causal Bodies, and more, for example. We also have our blood system, nervous system, immune system, endocrine system and so forth. The issue is identified, broken down, revealing further deepened issues, and, rather than going into any old story, harvesting the learning, the treasure discovered. I liken it to mining for gold. For truly all that lays dormant or unconscious within each of us, is in fact our greatest treasure. In revealing these exposed, outdated ways of being, I am able to determine where therefore, the weaker aspects of their being lie, and encourage exercises and visualizations that specifically train that spiritual aspect, muscle, chakra, body or part of their field to become stronger. A greater Spiritual Posture is thus regained and further developed; resurrecting or ‘rebirthing’ the former trapped aspect of being. A wonderful Spirit Body DeTox! It is exactly the same as going to the gym to work out to build muscle and stay fit, yet is addressing the Spiritual field albeit the many varied possibilities within this enormous subject. I translate the language of Light, of Love as the energies pour through me. I feel every nuance in the clients’ body so I know what Spirit is doing or what area has been affected and with what kind of symptoms they have suffered from. I know the path the person has walked, I feel what they have felt. I am aware of the mental body attacks or I can hear the voices that may plague them. I describe to the client as we go through the healing all that occurs. I feel the grace and the love transfusions. It is quite amazing for me too. I usually need to see a client for a series of healing sessions for greater and more freeing results.

What process do you see that we are involved in as humans on the planet in this time in history? WEB_juliet_1

We are all on our way onwards returning to the Source of who we are; back to Love. We are Love; and yet some of us have become caught or stuck. We are resolving the polarized realms that we have been trapped in, within our field. Many of us tried to free ourselves with some success, some of us have forgotten or have tried to do this or that to be free but the broken records keep on repeating. Many people are exhausted and are stressed and don’t know how to move forward and be happy. We are distinctly now in a process of realizing and remembering our own magnificence; that we are amazing talented beings each one with a fabulous gift. It’s all about the Heart and the expansion into more love; forgiving & letting go completely.

Can you tell us about some of the specific services and modalities you can offer clients here in Ashland?

My main service is whereby I utilize a piercing sight into the core of a persons’ soul. I am directed by high frequencies of Love to sequentially unravel or unwind various nuances that may indeed cover up the main event or trauma occurrence in our earliest of lifetimes that then is the cause of all the consequences and ramifications down the track, lifetime after lifetime, that generally keep us caught up in a complex terrain of ongoing events, attractions, manifestations, sabotages, Archetypal play-outs, etc. The list is rather endless. I am accessing the Akashic Records and also tapping into the person’s Bardo realms, among many other arenas. (The Bardo realms are the realms that we all walk through upon our passing over. Some believe there is nothing. For those who believe otherwise; it is far more conducive or propitious to work on the Bardo realms in this life, whilst one is alive, than leaving it until you are met with it.) Other aspects of the healing can be to therefore assist the client to feel their True North, Spiritual GPS, in other words, to feel their heart more, to feel their intuition at greater levels. I record the entire healing on an MP3 and email it to the client as it is not easy to remember all the information that occurs, and then the homework given. I check up on them, you see. I am able to work with a client in the same manner using Skype. Long Distance Healing is also something that I work with. Again, this is recorded. I love to give visual journey meditations. Again, I am supremely guided and we travel into wonderful terrain. The energies streamline the journey according to who is present so the experience can be quite unique each time. The experiences are quite potent and palpable. Healings occur throughout the journey. I am usually guided to share with those who are receiving what is occurring with them. I also offer Astrology chart readings,Transit and Progression readings. I can give these on their own or together or part of the healing as well. I am most times intuitively guided as I deliver the reading. It is always fascinating to me to observe a person’s chart after a healing. Always affirming what has been dealt with in the healing I have run classes over the years, and run workshops in Australia and in Hawaii. Something I will get to, but for now I am happy to follow spirits’ lead with these few services.

Often times individuals might be facing challenges that are more complex and deeply rooted than they might be conscious of. Can you please say more about this and how your work can help address this?

It can be rather intense to pull most everything; traumas, trapped experiences, clearing polarized emotional, mental play-outs, among other things in just one session. Spiritual work on the various bodies can be tiring, indeed exhausting at times. There is a timing, definitely a sequence, for the unwinding of a soul. If too much is done at once, the person would probably collapse, or short circuit the nervous system. It would be all too much. The soul needs time to integrate, so that the various bodies can recalibrate all that has occurred.  With that said, moving through the layers in sequence is the next important piece as pulling a layer out prior to taking care of another department first can leave a soul in a dire way. There is a perfect timing for things always and so patience is often required. Not understanding this creates challenges, and some barrel onwards and damage can occur. Bringing discernment into the picture each time with every step, assists in keeping this principle in alignment. There is a discipline that is required with clients who have persistent ongoing mental thought patterns repeating. I counsel my clients in the direction they need to go with clear, simple exercises, visual workouts I call them. They seem so  simple but in fact they are important to keep at it to strengthen the aspect of their mental body that isn’t able to sustain the barrage. I can remove the big push of the barrage but there is effort the client needs to make as well. It can’t be all about me doing their work for them. I have worked with children over the years and have had good results with calming night terrors, unusual behaviors, assisting the child with simple homework to exercise the area of the mental body and soften troubled emotions. Guiding them to feel and know experientially, that there are good beings close to them to help and protect them.

What are some of the most significant changes you witness in those that you work with?

Most of my clients feel a level of relief and connection that they haven’t experienced in a long time. They feel much more grounded, much clearer. A sense of calm and freedom is generally felt. They feel more space and expansion; literally feeling their aura.  One woman was experiencing severe attacks with voices all her life, it was very debilitating for her; her relationship within her family, to hold down a job, etc. These cleared and she was able to manage herself on her own after a series of sessions with me. Her relationship with her father became more supportive and understanding because he finally believed her! The difference was glaringly obvious.

Here are a few testimonials:

“I’m feeling amazingly grounded. There’s something about your level of positive intention that has really helped me reconnect with mine – and have been delighted with how quickly my demands are being met! I’m now feeling more balanced and clear which I think is mainly since that last session.” Vaishnavi, India

“It is truly deep work that we have begun and I am in awe, joy and love, I seek to find a new way to be me in the world with this new found love and heart that’s healing. I am grateful for the healing and joy you have helped me access and build upon.” A.L., Ashland

“Having ah-ha moments….getting much clearer each day and much less fear…Have a sense of peace and excitement about my future again, haven’t had that in months… I am noticing as I feel different I am getting different results… things are seeming easier with the job, what I want and seeing many choices.” Meghan, Iowa

“Thank you so much again for the beautiful healing, I’m feeling some wonderful shifts, everything seems to be flowing so much more easily and it seems that my ability to manifest things has sped up! I’m feeling so much more at peace with everything, including myself and the divine feminine within and I’m having these beautiful a-ha moments that seem to be bringing so much clarity and a whole new level of acceptance of all that is. And my meditations feel so much deeper and with more stillness. All so wonderful and beautiful and only just the beginning so thank you again!” Jemma, Byron Bay

When you reflect back on yourself from years ago, what has been the most significant change that you have witnessed?

Years ago, I was certainly bound within my ‘unconscious polarized baggage.’ I experienced night terrors on occasion for years into my adulthood (highly embarrassing as a teenager, and even more so as a married adult). I had visions that were certainly not dreams that were frightening. I came to understand where they came from and why they troubled me. Consequently, I cleared them and I am no longer plagued with the complexity of my misplaced power bleeding into this life. For it is truly an example of trapped energy vying for attention, needing release, needing our forgiveness and love. There is never anything out there trying to get us.  It is always something within, needing release from the dualistic realms. I am no longer reacting. I am no longer triggered by circumstances or people too much anymore. I certainly used to be. Working on myself for years utilizing the same tools that I use with my clients, I feel a greater sense of peace, I feel much more present. I have much more patience and endurance. I have a sense of freedom in my life now that I have not experienced before. I am creating life around me rather than life happening to me. Finally, life is flowing to me and brings wonderful people and circumstances, happenings that fill my heart. There is a marvelous sense of responsibility in that; meaning, that we affect the collective to be free when we take responsibility to do our own inner work.

Up until now your work has been very private and not widely shared. Can you please tell us more about this and why you are choosing to make this more available?

Eight years ago my husband, Paul and I moved back to Australia. Three months after our arrival, my father died unexpectedly. The event launched my dear mum deeper into the worsening of her rare cancers and the passage of her passing over five years later. Her particular circumstance required daily pain management and dressings of her skin condition. Interestingly and ironically, my mum taught yoga back in the 60s and years later brought meditation into the major hospitals of Australia, enabling those with terminal cancer to receive meditation as a form of stress and pain relief. No easy task in the established medical world of the 80s, particularly in Australia. Since August 2010, I have been on sabbatical; just coming back into my Life-force after the transition of losing both parents. I worked gently along the way and held my group meditations every week for years when I was home, but physically, I was not able to do more. Now that I have my strength back I feel so alive and ready to deliver the work again and to assist others. My heart sings when I do this work. The ability to facilitate another soul into freedom, so they are able to see their way forward, think clearly, intuit their own sense of direction in life, feel happiness, feel Love expand in their heart or simply just feel Love again. All this and more is priceless and it is all I want to do. Really it is freeing a soul so that they can “Go Home” in the Heart … find their way back to Love. Isn’t that what we all truly want instead of a new SUV?

Best advice you have ever been given?

In a given situation or problem, to ask, “What would Love do in this circumstance?  What would Love say?” Sometimes that may be nothing at all.

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