Local Music – Interview Template

Music / Band Interview Questions:

Because we cannot meet with everyone out there and do Interviews I am posting a template online for any local band or musician to fill out. Please take a moment to fill out our form and repost it as a blog also fill in your profile page and post some tunes. {{{0}}}

We will then do our best to print as many local music and band interviews monthly!! This is just a start.. you can ad your own questions.. and answers and then post them on the site! Have Fun and spread the word!

1. Type of Music:
2. When Was the Band Founded?
3. Names and Instruments:
4. Occupation:
5. Tallest & Shortest Musician:
6. Where did you guys meet?
7. How long have you been together?
8. Show Calendar:
9. Favorite Musicians / Inspirations:
10. Albums and Songs:
11. Shout out to the community:
12. Dream Come True:
13. Best Show:
14. Worst Show:
15. Most fun you ever had during a show:
16. Favorite Local Place to Play:
17. Other Favorite Local Bands:
18. Anything else you want do with your local fame and fortune:
19. Other Questions we missed.. fire away!!

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Shields Bialasik

Hi, I am Shields. I am the creator or LocalsGuide. The mission or my company is to provide a positive media platform for my community which in turn makes it stronger and more resilient. I hope you will enjoy and feel inspired to start your own LocalsGuide in your town or community.

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