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LynneaBorn and raised in Ashland, Lynnea Forderer moved to pursue a career in the fashion business. She found her home in Zurich, Switzerland where she lived for 17 years. In Zurich she was introduced to Esalen Massage. She went on to be trained in Esalen Deep Tissue and CranioSacral Therapy as well.  Lynnea returned to Ashland and is practicing and running Heart Mountain Center, a nurturing place to explore human potentiality.

Tell us a little bit about your travels abroad and how they helped shape you into the practitioner you are today.

I have traveled this beautiful planet of ours quite extensively and found my home in Zurich, Switzerland where I lived for 17 years. It was in Zurich at a massage school called The Center where I was made aware of the profound power of touch and how important the presence of the practitioner is. In Zurich I became certified in Esalen Massage, CranioSacral therapy with the Milne Institute and Esalen Deep Tissue with Perry Holloman. I will be eternally grateful to the Esalen Institute teachers for the safe, wise and loving container they provided and for me as I began to “wake up!” All of these forms of touch are what I call process oriented, which means, they are holistic in their approach. I accept, love, support and honor what ever may arise for a client while we are together, unconditionally.

Can you give us an overview of your current practice and offerings?

Currently my focus is on CranioSacral therapy, Esalen Massage and Yoga.  The CranioSacral work is such a gentle, yet profound way to work with people. It is as if we are meditating together only I am focusing my gentle attention on them and the subtler movements of their bodies.  I let the body move where it wants to and then as appropriate apply a gentle traction or compression or a sheer allowing for unwinding to occur and complete, to facilitate an enhanced, more optimal movement.  Esalen Massage goes with me wherever I go! I am an Esalen Massage Teacher, the only one in the state of Oregon!  Yoga is home for me as it blossomed naturally out of dance, which I have been doing since I could walk.  I have been practicing yoga now for over 20 years and became a teacher 2 years ago. The most fulfilling classes I am teaching presently are working with the Addictions Recovery Center in Medford where I teach yoga for addiction recovery. I am also available for private classes.

How has the depth of your understanding of the cranial system changed with time?

My teacher Hugh Milne from the Milne Institute who is a 3rd generation Osteopath, suggested to us one day in class, that we might truly begin to understand what we are doing after practicing 10-15 years! I have to say that this is true for me. I believe that I will never stop learning about this beautiful, simple yet highly technical system, and how it responds to us moment to moment.

How do you see psychological and spiritual elements coming into play in your work?

I cannot separate people out of what is a totality for me. We are all of these things: physical, psychological and spiritual beings. Beautiful!  Some people cry the moment I lay my hands on their bodies. Why? I think that is when we feel that we are seen, heard and felt completely, a softening to self occurs; resistance bends and compassion arises. Some clients never cry and that is absolutely perfect too. I am there to facilitate, listen and hold.  I do not lead.

What do your clients love about you?

Each client appreciates me for different reasons but what I hear a lot of is that they feel safe, gently held and felt, on a very deep level. I am quite an intuitive person and my work reflects that quality. “That was so much more than a massage,” is something that I hear quite often.

Do you work with children in your practice? 

Absolutely! Children are a passion of mine. I have helped many newborn babies with their adjustment to life outside of Mom! I have worked with older children with an array of challenges; some with sleep problems, nightmares, ADD and ADHD.  It is a wonderful day to share, when a child with ADHD can own a very deep and still point within themselves!

lynneaCan you list some of the symptoms you are very skilled at treating?

I have treated hundreds of people with whiplash injuries. Out of this work I created a work shop for massage therapists, called Compassionate Whiplash Therapy. It has a combination of CranioSacral therapy, specific massage and much more. I talk about how whiplash is not simply an injury to the neck. It is a full body injury that often changes a person’s life for a very long time.  I have helped many with migraines, headaches, neck discomfort and sleep problems.

What effect do you tend to have with people who come to you as a practitioner?

I would have to say they leave feeling deeply relaxed, grounded and centered within them.

What do you enjoy most about the experiences you have?

It means so much to me to be able to give back what I have been given.  I thoroughly appreciate the love that occurs from being in that quiet place together.  Being able to share that intimacy with each other is so fulfilling. That is gratitude pure and simple and there is almost no better feeling than that. This is where hearts truly communicate.

What do you love most about being a long term resident of Ashland?

Community; I felt it as a child and I feel it now. It is a wonderful place to be even after being away for almost 35 years.

Any last comments you would like to share?

I am giving free talks about CranioSacral therapy for those who would like to understand it a bit more. Tuesday, November 26th, 7-8:30 pm and Tuesday, January 14th, 7-8:30 pm. Located at Heart Mountain Center, 606 Fair Oaks Court, off of N. Mountain Ave. in Ashland.  There will be door prizes and more!  For more information please call 541-622-4262.


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