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Web_nette_1Nette Shapiro is an Intuitive Health Reader and a Certified Intern Avrapranist®. She has a unique ability to view and perceive multiple aspects of physical, energetic, and emotional body health which she then reflects to her clients. Her method allows clients to feel and listen to the themes of their bodies and trust their own intuitive gifts. Although she does not describe herself as a medical intuitive, her reads help clients answer deep questions about personal health issues, stresses, and otherwise intangible challenges they may be facing in their bodies.

Nette also utilizes an energetic healing modality called Avraprana® Healing to bring healing and resolution to her clients’ issues. Her services include Intuitive Health Reads to gain information about body issues and hands-on energetic Avraprana® Healing work to address them.

I spoke with Nette about her unique profession and her passion for working with her clients.

nette_2Hi Nette, thank you for speaking with us today. Please tell us a little bit about your story. How did you first discover you had a unique ability as an Intuitive Health Reader?

I have always been passionate about the human body and anatomy. I discovered my health intuition gifts in my early thirties. Upon this discovery, I realized I had these gifts my entire life. I could see energy signatures of illness in people without knowing what I was seeing. In an apprenticeship with a gifted third eye teacher, I realized, deepened, and expanded my gifts. Since January 2013, I have been a Certified Avraprana® Intern practicing Avraprana®, an energy healing modality which serves imbalanced chakral fields stemming from emotional body wounding. Avraprana® allows me to address and bring healing to my clients in addition to the information I offer in my Health Reads.

Can you please introduce us to your practice, Intuitive Body Listening? How long have you been in business here in Ashland?

Intuitive Body Listening is about helping people explore their body and uncover the often hidden reasons for physical distress. Examples of symptoms include food allergies, weight changes, physical diseases, body pain, fatigue, and organ dysfunction. Additionally, I help clients discover their intuitive gifts while relieving pain and discomfort. My services include Intuitive Health Reads which provide information about body issues as well as hands-on energetic Avraprana® Healing work. My clients decide how deep they want to go and how much they want to know. I started my practice with Intuitive Health Reads about two years ago here in Ashland and added Avraprana® Healing this year.

How does an Intuitive Health Read look and what happens?

Intuitive Health Reads are done in person here in Ashland, or via video conferencing from anywhere in the world. Sessions are like a normal conversation between two people. There is no physical contact.

Clients bring specific questions or concerns about their body to a session which I address through reading the body’s emotional, energetic and physical needs. For example, I might provide information about emotionally distressed body parts needing help and give personalized health recommendations. Performing aura reads and body scans are also part of an Intuitive Health Read. At the end of each session, I give clients their overall health percentage which indicates the fitness and vitality of their body health. This also provides a baseline for the progress clients make in comparison to prior sessions with me.

Nette, you created a method to differentiate between emotional, energetic and physical body health. Can you tell us more about the emotional and energetic aspects?

Sometimes I hear and feel the theme of emotionally distressed body parts and provide important information relevant to a clients’ own growth journey. Clients can also carry emotional issues in their body from their family lineage. The emotional aspect also includes helping clients trust their own body sense, so they are able to care for its needs.

Insight into emotional issues can be life-changing, especially when you see how unaddressed emotions create energetic health imbalances which manifest as painful and difficult body issues. Addressing the emotional allows for an upstream perspective of what may be physically ailing you.

The energetic domain of my method includes reading the aura of the client. In doing so, possible energy blockages or imbalances become visible and can be linked to historical, current or potential body health issues.

Nette, could you give us examples of emotional body needs that clients had?

In one client, I saw a disease that could manifest in the body in the future. I saw the disease was connected to one of my client’s parents. This client is now using that new information in their personal work to explore why the disease was there in the first place, in order to prevent it from manifesting. I’ve found there is always an emotional reason why a disease is in a client’s field or in the physical body.

Could you tell us more about the physical component of your method?

The physical component is a body scan of organs and bone structure. I differentiate possible health imbalances as generational, chemical or genetic in origin. The physical component of the read is personalized with health, nutrition, diet, and exercise recommendations for optimal body vitality and health. These recommendations can be surprising, simple, and easy to implement.

Here I offer to read what your body likes to eat and what is easily digestible. In addition, I see what your body might be allergic to and what kind of exercise is best for your body type.

One client came to me feeling tired and exhausted for years. They took supplements with no change. I could see that their body didn’t like one specific diet component and they then removed it from their diet. The constant exhaustion changed within a few days. During an organ scan with another client I saw the thyroid working slowly and I suggested a blood test which revealed and validated the thyroid issue.

Nette, could you give me a client example which surprised you?

Sure, a woman once came to me for help with weight loss. She had lost over twenty pounds, but reached a plateau and had not lost any weight for several months. I offered her a combination of both common sense and counter-intuitive feedback about what she was eating and how to relate with her body. I recommended eliminating from her diet dairy and eggs. Within two months of her read, she lost over ten pounds and dropped two pant sizes. Several months after the read she had some blood tests to diagnose food allergies and both dairy and eggs showed up as off-the-chart allergies.

You say you give clients specific recommendations about their body but also give them a bigger picture for themselves. Could you say more about this?

Every person has an original soul body-imprint – how their body looks when it’s healthy. I can see this body-imprint and help clients accept it, and then see what’s in the way of embodying that specific imprint.

Nette, in addition to your Intuitive Health Reads, you also offer Avraprana® Healing work. What is Avraprana® Healing?

Avraprana® Healing is an energy healing modality that works at the interface of emotional body wounding and their downstream effects on the energetic and physical body. Emotional body congestion stagnates the life energy of the seven chakral bodies, resulting in physical disease.

The chakral bodies are our energetic body which is more porous than the dense physical body. This means many body issues can be addressed with chakral balancing and energetic adjustments, resulting in downstream changes in your body. Working with upstream energies can be the most effective way of addressing long-standing body issues.

There are many energy healing modalities out there. What’s different about Avraprana® Healing compared to other healing modalities?

Good question. Avraprana® Healing sees energy as downstream of emotion. It honors how emotional wounding is at the source of our energetic and physical distress. The result is a method that works homeopathically, gently, and more in accordance with your emotive essence than other energetic interventions. Avraprana® Healing was developed by Daniel Barron and can be received by people of all value systems and life orientations.

How does an Avraprana® Healing session look?

Avraprana® Healing is done with hands-on contact or with hands slightly away from the body as they interact with chakral bodies. Clients lie on a low table while fully clothed.
While I read the issues at the source of client’s discomfort/disease, I look to see how client’s prana flow is moving through the chakral systems and report images, voices, themes, and other valuable information.

I understand that this a new way of looking at the cause of energetic and physical body issues. With what kind of physical symptoms or issues can Avraprana® Healing help?

Avraprana® Healing can help with issue like:

• Body diseases
• Organ dysfunction
• Pre-surgery energetic preparation of chakral systems and cells to reduce recovery time after surgery
• Helping injured cells and the energetic body to find healed version faster after surgeries
• Injuries
• Teeth grinding
• Migraines
• Chronic body pain
• Numbness & swelling of body parts
• Bedwetting
• Energies in your system that don’t feel like they belong to you
• Sleep disorders
• Fatigue not relieved by sleep
• Inexplicable body pain
• Consistently cold hands and feet
• Tinnitus

Do you offer Avraprana® Healing together with your Intuitive Health Reads in one session?

Yes, Intuitive Health Reads and Avraprana® can be done together in one session. Sessions run between sixty and ninety minutes. In order for me to give a full diagnosis, full treatment, and follow-up treatment, I suggest meeting for three separate sessions initially.

Intuitive Health Reads also can be booked separately in one session depending on your needs. Sessions run forty minutes to an hour. The first Intuitive Health Read session takes about an hour.

How can people find out more about you and your work?

I’m planning to give talks in the next months here in Ashland. This is a great way for people to be introduced to what I do. The talks will be announced on my website:

Please contact me via email or phone: or 541.601.4705 for any questions or to book a session.

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Nette Shapiro – Intuitive Body Listening
Ashland, Oregon
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