Next Stages of the LocalsGuide Model


I am in a stage of enormous complexity. So focused and in a deep state of marvel. The next issue of LocalsGuide is going to be the most amazing yet, because it will be the closest I have ever come to making any sense with the bigger picture.

I can’t wait for you to see it. It’s been a crazy time of no sleep, endless streams of development and growth. Hyperlocal into niche. Niche into networks. Global Networks! 

How is that Local You might wonder?
We will all soon find out.

Citizen media, press releases, community networks, neighboorhood directories. I’m not exactly sure here what I’ve stumbled upon but I know one thing.

 It’s not stopping and its only growing bigger and bigger complex yet simple. With or with out me this model will not die.. it’s here to say and this is giving me some rest in this big wave of motion.

I’m personally making a big change of opening up, and starting to ask you all for help. The media model as it currently is can be changed and we can change it. We can change it in the next 5-7 years for sure. Plus there is money to be made. Lots of it.

Money which can improve the standard of living for many people around the planet. Money which can build more sustainable systems and better solutions to  the current situations.

I wish I knew where to begin on how exactly all of this is going to work but I do know that I have to put things up for grabs at this point. Let you guys move in to help

Organizing, delegating, assigning, helping create leadership, spreading the word. 
Over the next month I will begin writing and openly sharing all of my models. 

I want you to be there with me because I can’t do it alone, and I don’t have all the answers.

I’m one person with a ton of ideas and little bit of craze to stay up all night and try to explain them.

It’s time to grow, get money, get attention from greater sources. Pull in the community and the world into the equation.

I am not exactly sure how to proceed other than knowing how to map and blueprint this thing. That I have been developing since pre  Passport2  or any other project. 

It’s time to have a little chat in which I can share just a little bit more about what the hell I really have been planning here with LocalsGuide and to find out what you see, how we can surf this wave together.

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Shields Bialasik

Hi, I am Shields. I am the creator or LocalsGuide. The mission or my company is to provide a positive media platform for my community which in turn makes it stronger and more resilient. I hope you will enjoy and feel inspired to start your own LocalsGuide in your town or community.

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