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Packs are Back!

Pony pack flowering annuals and vegetable starts are now available! Customers have been begging for them, and now we can happily say the fall crops are available. We have some new varieties of pansy colors, along with seasonal favorites like snapdragons, dusty miller, and of course, fall vegetables.

The basics to remember when planting pony pack items in early fall is to try your best to protect the plants from stress. To help alleviate plant stress you’ll want to transplant the starts in the mornings or evenings when it’s cooler, water in the plants well at planting, then be sure not to overwater after they’ve become established. Plants should become established within one to two weeks. Fertilize plants lightly after they’ve been established, but be careful not to fertilize too much. Pansies in particular don’t like a lot of nitrogen. It can burn their roots which can then lead to disease. Fall vegetables should be protected from hot afternoon sun if possible to help prevent them from bolting. A simple shade cloth can help protect them until the temperatures begin cooling off.

We have some fun fall classes coming up, Fall Gardening on Sept 6th and a Fall Container Class Sept 20th. Be sure to check out our website for more information:




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