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Poinsettia Traditions

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Oh, the traditions of the Holidays. And for many years we have played the part. Poinsettias! These splendid plants bring color to brighten up the otherwise short and sometimes dreary days of winter. Of course we often think of the traditional red when we think of poinsettias, but these aren’t your Grandma’s Poinsettias anymore! So many changes have occurred over the years to break out of the traditional red. White, Pink, Marble, Salmon, and speckled varieties make up just some of the assortment we find now days. Every time we are made aware of a new variety we bring in a sample here at the greenhouses. For us it’s cool to see something new. New doesn’t always translate to sales though. Just like anything else, we have seen trends come and go. What hasn’t changed is the desire for most customers to get the traditional red color. Some of the more popular varieties other than red (as it stands today) seem to be variations of red. A number of years ago we began to grow the burgundy poinsettia. A deep, rich maroon, still in the spectrum of red, has caught the attention of the public. Probably the greatest success story, at least as we have seen over the years, is the Jingle Bells poinsettia. It is a speckled variety that has so much variation from plant to plant. Reds, pinks, white randomly settle on the leaves as if a crazed painter started slinging paint. It’s the next biggest seller to red. At the furthest end of the spectrum is the Ice Crystal. How do you describe these? These “peppermint” raspberry speckled beauties bring a uniqueness and brightness to the poinsettia line that customers find fascinating. To some, the compactness of this specific breed is appealing for a more condensed spot of color in limited spaces, like centerpieces. All find them interesting, though not all are interested in introducing them to their Christmas season. There is something for everybody. We want to invite you to our Seventh Annual Poinsettia Festival to see firsthand the varieties we offer. It’ is quite an impressive affair when you see all the plants together surrounded by festive music, warm drinks, and snacks. The event takes place Saturday, November 24th, from 10-4. We hope to see you there.