Tail of the Sun

Hello Ashland! I am Dr. Luke, a chiropractor in Ashland. I have always had a calling and a passion for helping others. I consider myself an ever-evolving teacher. After a career as a school principal for 25 years, I embarked upon a new calling as a Doctor of Chiropractic, another dream of mine since high school. I graduated from Sherman Chiropractic College, excited to share my gifts and passions with others in a new arena. Of all the places in the world I could live and establish a practice, my wife and I fell in love with Ashland and southern Oregon. We arrived in town for the Fourth of July parade a year ago!
In my chiropractic journey, I became obsessed with the goal of how to use the least amount of force to make the most lasting changes to the body. As my own body matured, I found myself disliking the cracking of my neck and contorting of my body, so common in traditional chiropractic. While I always feel great after an adjustment, I longed for a change to my health pattern that would truly last.
In the quest for greater change with less force, I connected with a revolutionary new technique called Network Spinal (NS), which uses light touches for liberating stored stress energy from the body. I experienced profound changes in my own nervous system, peeling away layers of harmful, accumulated stress energy. Not only did it transform my own life, but I also noticed significant changes in the lives of my family members. I experienced more ease in my life, more available energy to pursue the good things in life, and better adaptability to the stressors of everyday living. In short, I believe that it allowed me to connect deeper with my own true self, and to connect more fully with the power of the universe. Now I must share this with others!
I support charities, locally and abroad, as an integral component of giving a portion of my time and talents to others. I enjoy working with children of all ages, and I encourage everyone I meet to connect with their own inner child. I love outdoor activities and enjoy spending time with my wife and three adult children. My passion is to assist others to live a more passionate, fulfilled, and creative life. I love those “ah ha” moments when once what was stuck, not working, and painful, suddenly changes and opens the door for a new powerful life experience. I am excited to work with you! I’m not like any other doctor you’ll meet. Call me to learn more at 541-816-1911.