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As October rolls around and I’ve come to terms with the fact that summer is over and fall is in full swing, I always feel a bit guilty that I’m happy for the change. I get a little tired of the watering, harvesting, deadheading and other chores that tend to go along with summer gardening. What truly makes October great is now is the time to relax and enjoy the changing landscape of your garden. You can allow your plants to put on their last bloom, see the leaves change, adding new color to the garden, and finally take a break from all the hard work you’ve been doing over the past six months. It’s best not to think about the cutting back of perennials and leaf raking that lies ahead. Plant a few low maintenance containers of pansies and chrysanthemums to enhance the fall setting then simply sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite outdoor seating area.

If you have areas you’d still like to fill in with spots of color, or perennials, it’s ok to plant this time of year. You just need to be careful of your watering. Don’t overwater anything newly planted, but also make sure it doesn’t get bone dry. Anything planted in the fall needs to be monitored carefully throughout the winter to make sure the ground stays moist. A cold, dry spell can be very hard on a plant that doesn’t have an established root system.

Every October I like to invite customers to come out to the greenhouses and see the poinsettias as they begin to turn color. Before they turn their bright reds, pinks, and whites they have a beautiful fall-like color to them. Each variety is different, but I think the changing of the color is just as impressive as the final color.

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