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At Shuttle Bug we offer very friendly and personal service, and as a result of talking to our passengers on the ride to the airport after their visit we invariably find interesting useful tidbits about their stay, so we decided to create a survey so the local business and residents can get an idea of what visitors think about our little slice of heaven.  Here are just a few of the responses people have made.  If you have any questions or comments please contact

What brought you to Ashland and what was your favorite experience?

  • My best friends wedding – Lithia park, what a gem! I wish I had spent more time there – Karl Castle, AZ
  • Business with Harry & David – The entire town of Ashland is so very charming I will come again for pleasure and exploration – Dakota Stand, Massachusetts
  • Shakespeare – The productions are world class! I come every year for the last 23 years, and I won’t stop until the cows come home. – Ruth Barry, Phoenix, AZ
  • UBI – I came to learn about building bikes and discovered a whole new world – the people here are so friendly – Ian Freeman, Pennsylvania
  • Business – Hard to say it was all good but I loved the shopping best – Seeta, Cayman Island

Where did you stay and what did you think of your accommodations?

  • Ashland Springs Hotel – Love the location and décor absolutely perfect! – John & Kathleen Allee, Los Angeles, CA
  • Chanticleer – A beautiful place with great hosts – Rachel,
  • Coolidge House – A great place for a romantic weekend – Michael Lloyd – CA
  • Iris Inn – Great people. A beautiful B&B a truly lovely place to enjoy Ashland – Susan Poston

What was your favorite place to eat?

  • Cuccina Biazzi – DELICIOUS says it all! – Grace Reamer, Seattle WA
  • Lela’s – Lovely – Louise, Santa Clara, CA
  • Chateaulin – Amazing food, great service, Panzy Wail, UK
  • Dragonfly – I enjoyed the entire experience – Kathleen Davies, Tacoma, WA
  • Pangea – Wonderful soups and great sandwiches at reasonable prices, I will be back! Sarah Nelson, Paso Robles

What would you like the people of Ashland to know?

  • What a great city, please keep it that way – Anonymous
  • We appreciate the OSF and will continue to come back every year! – Charlene, Hess, Redondo Beach
  • You have a beautiful city with warm and friendly people, but there seems to be a lot of misguided young people with nothing to do but mooch off others – William Donahue, Salt Lake City
  • How sad your city closed its library, it seems like such a culturally rich town – what happened? Wendy Ng – New York
  • Oh Man! I would gain 50 pounds if I lived here! Thank God it’s a great place to walk if all off – Paulette Klein, CA
  • This is surely a wonderful place to live – too bad good wage jobs are hard to come by. – Erin Fucca, Morgan Hill, CA

Was there anyone in particular who stood out in your mind and why?

  • Jason Doss – Great guy, knowledgeable, loved his wine shop and restaurant
  • Bi Mart Pharmacist(s) – I forgot my prescription and they we so very helpful God bless them – Helen Wright, FL
  • Staff at the Tudor Guild – they were all very knowledgeable and friendly – Elmer Watson, WA
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Both of us were born & raised in San Jose, CA. We married in 1994. After the birth of our son Walter in 2002 we decided to make a change of lifestyle, and headed up hereto lovely Ashland. We currently own & operate Shuttle Bug, a transportation, delivery & personal assistance service. We enjoy meeting all kinds of wonderful people from here in the Rogue Valley and those that come in from all over the globe. We look forward to many good times ahead.
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